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Minutes of a Meeting of Gotham Parish Council (07/10/14)

Present:   M.J.Sheppard, (Chairman) K. Steed (Vice-Chairman) Councillors J.M.F.Royce, G.Clark,  B.J.Walker, G.Holbrook,  A.Clayworth,  D.Bexon, J.P.Anderson,  E.Rodgers.  In attendance: County Councillor A.Brown.

14/192: Apologies:  G.Hutter C.Dabell, E.Padden, Borough Councillor T.Vennett-Smith.

14/193: Acceptance of Apologies:

PROPOSED: J.P.Anderson SECONDED: B.J.Walker.  Vote: All in favour.

14/194: Declaration of Interest:

Trustees, G.Clark, G.Hutter, K.Steed, D.Bexon in matters relevant to the Memorial Hall/Recreation Ground.

14/195: Minutes of the previous meeting:

Resolved: That the previously circulated Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 2nd September, 2014, be accepted and signed as a true record of the business transacted.

PROPOSED: G.Holbrook. SECONDED: D.Bexon. Vote: ten in favour, one abstention.

Progress from the Minutes:

14/189: Matters to Report: Horse riding warning signs: County Councillor A.Brown has requested horse rider warning signs to be placed at the entrances to The Ridgeway.

Bus Shelter: County Councillor A.Brown had requested a bus shelter for Leake Road on the grounds that a number of  school children use the stop. NCC have written to him saying shelter will be built, but not until 2015-’16.

Temporary Traffic Lights on Kegworth Road: E.Rodgers highlighted the fact that D Prior had emailed J.P.Anderson re that following the school holidays, the temporary traffic lights had been re-installed, with the push button on the wrong side. The fault had since been reported to Highways. D.Bexon offered to monitor the equipment.

Picnic Table on the Railway Walk: A. Urry had replaced the picnic table at a cost of £360 on the authorisation of M.J.Sheppard. having consulted  two councillors who are members of Env. Committee.

14/196: Finance Monthly Payments and Receipts:

Receipts and Payments: RESOLVED: That the receipts, since the last meeting, are noted and the Accounts in Appendix F1 be confirmed and authorised for payment.

A water bill for the Recreation Ground, totalling £750, was added to the list of payments. Due to the dry summer, the water bill was higher due to the watering of the cricket square.

PROPOSED: J.M.F.Royce  SECONDED: J.P.Anderson Vote: All in favour.

Remembrance Day Wreath: (J.M.F.Royce declared an interest due to his membership of The Royal British Legion).

PROPOSAL: A donation of £250 to defray the costs of the Remembrance Day wreath.

PROPOSED: M.J. Sheppard  SECONDED: A.Clayworth Vote: nine in favour, one abstention.

Budgets for 2015/16: Some adjustments to be made to the Horizon contract. The number of mowing cuts to the Cemetery and grass bays could be reduced. The verge beneath the Village Sculpture priced by Horizon at £12.50 per cut. Weed treatment around The Square could be cut due to Notts Highways undertaking some of the work. (Clerk to check with Highways which areas routinely covered).

Date of the next Finance Committee Meeting: Tuesday, 28th October, 2014.

14/197:  Gotham Remembers:

M.J.Sheppard reported meetings with P.Dines, J.M.F.Royce, P.Inskeep and E.Perrell had taken place at Curzon House to discuss the format for the Commemoration of WW1 during the next four years. Gotham News will detail the war history of each of the thirty one soldiers and civilians mentioned on the Honours Board. The feature will be titled – ‘ Gotham Remembers the Fallen of the Great War’. Each edition will publish the names of three war dead who will be featured in the following edition, with a photograph, where possible, and inviting relatives and friends to contribute any information and pics they have.  A keepsake book about the War Dead will be published by the end of 2018. Extra information can be accessed from Government records and the International Red Cross.

PROPOSAL: Approval of provisional budget of £500 to finance the Gotham Remembers Project.

PROPOSED: J.M.F.Royce  SECONDED: J.P.Anderson. Vote: All in favour.

World War 1 Centenary: Armistice Day Schedule: 9th November, 2014.

10.00  a.m.            Assemble in The Square.

10.10  a.m.            Parade moves off to Bidwell Crescent and back to Memorial Hall.

10.55  a.m.            Service in Memorial Hall conducted by the Reverend R.Coleman with wreath laying.

Dismiss at The Royal British Legion

.                                               Keyboard – P.Butler

14/198: Report by Chairman of Planning and Development Committee: (Chairman J.P.Anderson)

RBC/Aligned Core Strategy progress: J.P.Anderson reported, Gedling, Broxtowe and Nottingham City formally accepted the Aligned Core Strategy between the 8th -17th September, 2014. K.Mafham had submitted a letter of objection that was ignored. He had enquired as to what had happened to the letter and received a legal response from Francesca Whyley, Senior Solicitor at Gedling Borough Council, which has been forwarded to the Barrister. K.Mafham would keep GPC informed of the next stage in the legal process. To date, it would appear that the Councils are ignoring GPC’s comments. The Inspector is due to produce her decision on the RBC Core Strategy. There is a great deal of new legislation to be taken into account with the Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles due to make a statement on changes to the National Planning Policy Framework which should influence the Inspector (Ms. Kingaby). One clause, that could be strengthened,  is that green belt land should only be developed in ‘exceptional circumstances’. A letter to the Inspector was sent on the 29th September, 2014 to bring her up to date re GPC’s objections to the planned development on Clifton Pastures. To date, there had been no response. A flurry of emails to RBC seeking a response had eventually evoked an email from Mr. David Mitchell of RBC confirming receipt of GPC’s objection to the application ‘which is being considered by the assigned planning officer’. He confirmed ‘he is aware of GPC’s specific comments in relation to the transport assessment and these will be taken into account alongside other representations including those of the Highway Agency and Nottinghamshire County Council as Highway Authority. If this results in the need for a revised traffic assessment from the applicant then it will be requested and a copy may be sent out for further consultation, depending on the scale of the changes’. J.P.Anderson suggested a meeting with RBC Councillors Neil Clarke, Andrew Pegram and the Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clark M.P.

K.Mafham had suggested a joint meeting of Calverton, Thrumpton, Barton and Gotham to decide the forthcoming strategy re the fight to save the green belt.

M.J.Sheppard reported that Radio Nottingham had asked him for his comments on building on the green belt. Their request was sent on to K.Mafham who presented an excellent report on the current situation at 7 a.m. in the morning followed by a television interview later in the day.

The Clerk had received emails from a member of the public seeking information re a judicial review under the Freedom of Information Act. J.P.Anderson confirmed that Calverton Parish Council had received the same request and had replied on behalf of the Councils’ involved.

Meadow End: 3 Meadow End had been reported to the RBC Enforcement Officer re a first floor installation of decking which overlooked a neighbouring property.

Woodlands Bungalow – Kegworth Road: stables and ménage recently installed. Query planning permission.

County Councillor A. Brown reported the following matters:

Sand and Gravel Pit at Barton in Fabis: Shelford was now the preferred site due to improved transport access. Barton in Fabis location unlikely to proceed and off the agenda for the forseeable future. A very strong objection from Barton had been submitted to RBC.

A453 accident: A serious accident involving a lorry and two cars had occurred on Monday, 6th October. One fatality. Traffic diverted efficiently and not many vehicles through Gotham.

Parking at Gotham School: The Headmistress will be supplied with a banner warning of and the advice of a £100 fixed penalty  for thoughtless parking. Tickets to attach to cars inappropriately parked. B.J.Walker suggested car parking bays could be installed on the wide grass verge adjacent to the school.

Council Chambers: The planned five million pound refurbishment of Council Chambers had been stopped with only minor repairs going ahead. RBC headquarters to move to the Rushcliffe Arena on Rugby Road, West Bridgford. The present building to be redeveloped into flats and a hotel.

A453 Widening Progress: A consultation meeting to be held in the Village Hall, Clifton Green on the 8th October, 2014 from 10-12 a.m. and 5-7 p.m.

The Chairman thanked County Councillor A. Brown who left the meeting at 8.35 p.m.

14/199: Planning Decisions Received: Nil.

14/200: Planning Applications Received: A planning application no: 14/02080/FUL had been received and will be considered at the Planning Committee Meeting on the 21st October, 2014.

14/201: Environmental Matters:

Autumn Bulb Planting: G.Holbrook reported, bulb planting in process. The Clerk had received a cheap offer from the Daily Telegraph, via Councillor Royce, which she would pass to G.Holbrook.

G.Holbrook and C.Dabell had pruned the hedgerow and bushes at the entrance to the Railway Walk. Prunings to be collected by the Scouts on the 2nd November, 2014. C.Dabell had arranged for the rest of the Railway Walk to be trimmed back by Howick’s.

Gritting Salt: B.J.Walker to check the amount of bags in store. J.M.F.Royce storing eight bags.

Christmas Tree and Carols: 16th December, 2014 at .6 p.m. M.J.Sheppard reported Christmas trees available to view on Bunny Lane and Wysall Lane. Mince Pies and mulled wine available courtesy of St. Lawrence PCC at 5.p.m. onwards. Phil Reckless band – The Revolutions booked to play with a quartet. Gotham school to sing two carols. Sun Inn offered to pay for children’s gifts. Jack Griffin to compere the evening. Sponsors of the event giving £50 or more to be mentioned on the posters. Sponsors giving less than £50 mentioned on the carol sheets. The Christmas tree will be decorated with a star at the top and white lights. A pelmet of white lanterns will adorn the Village Pump.

B.J.Walker called for a report from the Chairman of the Environment Committee if he is unable to attend the meeting.

Cemetery: J.P.Anderson will work out the Cemetery budget for 2015/16.

D.Bexon left the meeting at 9.00 p.m.

14/202: Memorial Hall Report from GPC representatives:

K.Steed reported the WWI commemoration plaque had been ordered engraved with words by John Betjeman. The plaque would be installed at ground level, on the Memorial Hall border between the flagpole and main entrance. There would be flagstones placed around the plaque for the placement of wreaths. E.Perrell had cancelled Recreation Ground games on Armistice Day. There will be no car parking with stewards on duty from 9.30 a.m.

The Trustees are seeking grants to refurbish the Memorial Hall gates. GPC to be invited to contribute.

J.P.Anderson had acquired a projector that he would donate to the Memorial Hall.

A fundraising Cabaret Evening to take place on the 15th November, 2014. GPC invited to make up a table.

J.M.F.Royce reported, L. Bramley (secretary of the Trustees) had asked that D.Bexon be removed from the list of GPC Trustees declaring an interest in the Memorial Hall business, as she had not attended a meeting of the Trustees for some time. The Clerk would ask D.Bexon if she was still willing to continue to stand as a Trustee representing GPC.

14/203: Policing Matters/Vandalism:

E.Rodgers reported the August and September crime figures to be shown in the next edition of Gotham News. One stolen bicycle during September.

14/204: Gotham News & Media:

Editorial Team: Editorial Team: M.J.Sheppard, E.Padden, K.Steed and D.Bexon.

M.J.Sheppard reported the next edition due in November. More advertisements attracted. Advertising costs were similar to other village magazines in the area so no increase required in the current year.

14/205: Chairman’s Report:

The Chairman reported the de-fibrillator was in place and a training course booked with Graham Whitehead on the 23rd October, 2014 at 7.p.m. in the main hall. This event is advertised by village posters and information in Gotham News.

PROPOSAL: Payment of £25 to be made to G.Whitehead.

PROPOSED: M.J. Sheppard SECONDED: G.Holbrook. Vote: eight in favour, one against.

14/206: Clerk’s report:

The Clerk reported she would attend the next SLCC meeting in Southwell on the 14th October, 2014.

14/207: Matters to Report:

B.J.Walker reported a Police Priority Setting Meeting would take place in the Weldon Room on the 15th October, 2014 at 2.p.m. She would ask E.Padden if she is available to attend.

14/208: Items for Next Agenda: One minute silence for War Dead.

14/209: Date of Next Meeting: The next Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 4th November, 2014 at 7.30 p.m.

Meeting concluded at 9.35 pm.