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Apply and Join The Sensory Team At Sutton Bonington Campus

University of Nottingham is looking for beer tasters


Do you want to taste beer and get paid for it? At the Sensory Science centre of the University of Nottingham (UoN), scientists are looking for professional beer tasters to join their current beer tasting group. The job involves evaluating different types of beer and ingredients to help our researchers understand the science behind brewing and answer research questions such as ‘How does the aroma and flavour change if the alcohol content is altered?’ and ‘How does the flavour of a beer change over time?’.

Is this you?

  • You like to try new food and beverages, particularly beer
  • You have a curious nature and enjoy experiencing new sensations
  • You have good sense of smell, taste, texture, sight and hearing
  • You are a good communicator and keen to take part in group discussions
  • You have a general good health, no allergies or dietary restrictions
  • You are willing to consume alcohol your role as a taster (less than 1 unit per session)

What you can expect!

  • Taste different kinds of beers
  • Up to 2 training or test sessions per week (2 hours)
  • Opportunity to be a professional taster in a long term research project (3-4 years)
  • Disturbance allowance after each training and test session!

Please contact Christina

to request an application form by 20th September 2017!


We are also looking for people who want to join our database of consumers and take part in our studies. This involves a range of food and beverages. You will be invited to take part in studies every few months but this can vary and depends on how busy we are. Just send us an email sensoryconsumers@nottingham.ac.uk to express your interest!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!