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Think before you park!

Gotham Parish Council regularly receive complaints from residents about thoughtless, often illegal parking around the village.  Over recent months there has been an increase in comments about the parking around Gotham Primary School when parents (including Gotham residents) are dropping off and collecting their children.

This road is one of the main entrances to the village and even with the traffic calming measures in place, it is a dangerous area when visibility is hampered by parked cars.  Pedestrians trying to cross Kegworth Road cannot be seen in between parked cars and children especially, cannot see oncoming vehicles.

Unfortunately the Parish Council can do nothing more than refer the matter to the Police and once more the matter is raised with them.  If you wish to complain about parking matters please contact the local Police officer, Kelly Warwick.  But also think before you park.

Do you need to drive your children to School?  Why not walk instead?

Remember that if you park on the footway, or part of it, or block a dropped kerb, the Police can issue a fixed fine.

Sue Lymn-Brewin

A minute with………. Sue Lymn-Brewin

What 3 words best describe you? Loyal, busy, OCD!
Who or what annoys you most? Remote control for TV and Video.
What are your 3 desert island discs? In My Life – Beatles. Desperado -The Eagles. In Dreams – Roy Orbison.
What is the best piece of advice you’v ever been given? Don’t go to bed on an argument.
What objects do you always carry with you? Phone, inhaler & paracetamol.
What is your greatest extravagance? My family – I love to buy them things!
What is your idea of perfect happiness? Being at home with my family.
What are your best and worst habits? Best – being well organised and pacing myself to get things done. Worst – attention to detail caused by my OCD!
What are you like to work with? As an ex-pupil I am totally committed to my job and feel extra level of connection to the school. I hope people see me as a team player who is approachable and fair.
Who do you most admire? Major Phil Packer – who lost both his legs but still managed to complete the London Marathon.
Where is your favourite holiday destination? My house in Loughborough.
What are your 3 favourite films? A Night to Remember. West Side Story. Shawshank Redemption.
What are your favourite book? The Borrowers by Mary Norton.
What ambition would you still like to fulfill? To go to the Titanic wreck site.
What is your favourite quote or saying? If at first you don’t succeed try, try again!
What do you treasure most in the office? My photos, my laptop & school diary.
Your six favourite dinner party guests? John Lennon, Roy Orbison, Captain Edward Smith (Titanic). Delia Smith, Matthew Cutler (Strictly), Freddie Mercury.

Sue Lymn-Brewin
Head Teacher of Gotham Primary