The following publications are all published by the Gotham and District Local History Society and are available by post from Mr. Graham Essex, 12 Curzon Street, Gotham, Nottingham. NG11 0HQ. Also, either at the monthly Society meetings or, by ordering through e-mail from

a-stitch-in-timeA STITCH IN TIME

Gotham Tapestry 2000 edited by Sybil Dabell.

This book is history in stitches. Local people made a tapestry for the Millennium and each page has a colour picture of one square and the history that goes with it.
Eg. Curates House / Green man / Cuckoo Bush Inn

Format: A5 44pages
ISBN: 0-9537683-0-9
Price: £6-00 p&p inc

a-thatchers-taleA THATCHER’S TALE

by Sid. Bradbury the Gotham Thatcher.
Published in 1981 reprinted in 2000

A thatcher’s life in the villages of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. He talks of other thatchers, village people and amusing happenings as well as the houses he thatched, with some drawings.

Format: A5 29 pages
ISBN: nil
Price: £3-00 inc p&p

past-times-rememberedPAST TIMES REMEMBERED

Days recalled of active service rendered during the First World War of 1914 to 1918 By Pte S.Bradbury Royal Sussex Regiment.

A small diary kept during part of WW 1 and then written up in more detail when it was all over with sections on The Somme and Palestine

Format: A5 36pages
Price: £3-00. inc p&p

telling-tales-in-gothamTELLING TALES IN GOTHAM

Written by a number of local contributors in 2003.

The introduction describes the origins of the Gotham Tales in the 12th century. This is followed by updated versions of these tales penned by some of the people who took part in the three-day enactment event in 2003.

Format: A5 40 pages including cover.
ISBN 0-9537683-1-7
Price: £6-00 inc p&p