Notice of the Annual Meeting of Gotham Parish Council (03/05/16)


Mrs J A Raven
Clerk to the Council
33 Leake Road
NG11 0HW
Tel: 0115 9830863

27 April 2016

Dear Councillor,

YOU ARE duly summoned to attend the ANNUAL MEETING OF THE GOTHAM PARISH COUNCIL to be held on

TUESDAY, 3rd May, 2016

commencing at 7.00 p.m. prompt in the Weldon Room of the Memorial Hall.

Yours sincerely,

J.A.Raven, Clerk to the Council


1/ Appointment of Chairman for the ensuing year: (sig: Declaration of Acceptance of Office)
2/ Appointment of Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year.
3/ Apologies
4/ Acceptance of Apologies
5/ County Councillor A.Brown
6/ Borough Councillor S.Matthews
7/ Declaration of Interest
8/ Appointment of Committee Members/4 Trustees for the Memorial Hall/Rec. Ground Trust
9/ Appointment of Members for Working Parties/Groups:
10/ Appointment of Delegates/Representatives
11/ Casual Vacancy (Application received)
12/ Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on the 5h April, 2016 (attached)
13/ Finance Monthly Payment and Receipts:
Acceptance by the Parish Council of the Audit for Year end 2015/16:
Payment for Village Sculpture seat paving.

14/ Report by Chairman of Planning and Development Committee (J.P.Anderson)
Affordable Housing/Decision to Draw up a Neighbourhood Plan.
15/ Planning Decisions Received:
16/ Planning Applications Received:
16/5: (ref: 16/00819/FUL) Cuckoo Bush – Formation of turfed beer garden with planters and fencing; surface and mark out remaining area to form car park for 5 vehicles.
17/ Environmental Matters (Well House refurbishment)
18/ Memorial Hall Report:
19/ Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations (11th June, 2016)
20/ Heritage Day Organising Team
21/ Policing Matters/Vandalism
22/ Gotham News & Media
23/ Report on Annual Parish Meeting – 26th April, 2016
24/ Chairman’s Report –
25/ Clerk’s Report/Correspondence: see overleaf:
26/ Matters to Report
27/ Date and Time of Next Meeting (7th June, 2016)

The Public and Press are cordially invited to attend this meeting.