Notice of a Meeting of Gotham Parish Council (04/11/14)


Mrs J A Raven
Clerk to the Council
Tel: 0115 983 0863


29th October 2014

Dear Councillor,

YOU ARE duly summoned to attend a MEETING OF THE GOTHAM PARISH COUNCIL to be held  on TUESDAY 4th November, 2014 commencing at 7.30 p.m. in the Weldon  Room of the Memorial Hall.

Yours sincerely,
Clerk to the Council

One minute silence in memory of the War Dead.


1/        Apologies
3/        Acceptance of Apologies
4/        Declaration of Interest
5/        Minutes of the of the Parish Council meeting held on the  2nd October, 2014 (attached)
6/       Finance Monthly Accounts and Receipts
Report on Finance Meeting held on the 28th November, 2014
Capital Requests:
Recommendation from the Planning and Development
Committee for Judicial Review Legal fees of £10,000.
Other Capital Requests:
a)  Village Pump                       £   1,000
b)  Railway Walk                       £   1,000
c)  Pavilion Refurbishment          £  1,000
d) Children’s  Play Equipment     £     500
e) Gotham Remembers             £      500
Acceptance of the recommended Revenue Budget: £30,097.07
Paper 2
Acceptance of the recommended Environment Budget:
£3,971.93 (subject to minor mowing alterations) Paper 3
Acceptance of the recommended Recreation Ground Budget
£6,600 Paper 4
7/      Report by Chairman of Planning and Development Committee             Progress on Aligned Core Stategy/RBC Core Strategy
8/      Planning Decisions Received:
9/      Planning Applications Received:
10/   Report by Chairman of Environment Committee                                              C.Dabell)           .
11/   Memorial Hall Report from GPC rep. (K.Steed, G.Clark,                              D.Bexon)
12/   Memorial Hall Report (K.Steed, G.Clark, D.Bexon, G.Hutter)
13/   Policing Matters/Vandalism (D.Bexon and E.Rodgers)
14/   Gotham News & Media  (E.Padden/D.Bexon/M.Sheppard/K. Steed)
15/   Royal British Legion Remembrance Sunday 9/11/14
16/   Electoral Review of Nottinghamshire
17/   Chairman’s Report
18/   Clerk’s Report/Correspondence: see overleaf:
19/   Matters to Report
20/   Items for Next Agenda
21/   Date and Time of Next Meeting (2nd December, 2014)

The Public and Press are cordially invited to attend this meeting.