Notice of a Meeting of Gotham Parish Council (03/01/17)


Mrs J A Raven
Clerk to the Council
33 Leake Road
NG11 0HW
Tel: 0115 9830863

28 December 2016

Dear Councillor,

YOU ARE duly summoned to attend a MEETING OF THE GOTHAM PARISH COUNCIL to be held on

TUESDAY, 3rd January, 2017

commencing at 7.30 p.m. prompt in the Weldon Room of the Memorial Hall.

Yours sincerely,

J.A.Raven, Clerk to the Council


1/ Apologies
2/ Acceptance of Apologies
3/ County Councillor A.Brown
4/ Borough Councillor S.Matthews
5/ Declaration of Interest
6/ Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on the 6th December, 2016 (attached)
7/ New Councillor signature of Declaration of Code of Conduct.
8/ Casual Vacancy.
9/ Finance: a/ Monthly Payments and Receipts:
a) Acceptance of the Revenue Budget Paper 2 – £32,661.31.
b) Donation of £50 from East Midlands Airport.
c) Date of Finance Meeting 31st January, 2017.

10/ Report by Chairman of Planning and Development Committee:
11/ Planning Decisions Received: Nil.
12/ Planning Applications Received: Nil.

13/ Environment Committee Report:

14/ Memorial Hall Report (A.Clayworth/D.Bexon/G.Hutter)

15/ Flooding Progress Report
16/ Acceptance of Revised Standing Orders (Date of Extraordinary Meeting)
17/ Computer update for Clerk (Report by M.Wilkins)
18/ Clerk’s appraisal (date of meeting)
19/ Policing Matters (D.Bexon/B.J.Walker)
20/ Gotham News & Media
21/ Western Power Severe Weather Warning Registration
22/ Chairman’s Report
23/ Clerk’s Report/Correspondence: see overleaf:
24/ Matters to Report
25/ Items for Next Agenda
26/ Date of next Meeting – (7th February, 2017 at 7.30 p.m.)

The Public and Press are cordially invited to attend this meeting.