Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Gotham Parish Council (06/05/14)

Present: M.J. Sheppard (Chairman), K.Steed (Vice-Chairman), G.Clark, J.P.Anderson, B.J.Walker, C.Dabell, G.Hutter, J.M.F.Royce (7.09p.m) E.Rodgers (7.20 p.m) E.Padden (7.35p.m.) Absent: D.Bexon

14/93: Appointment of Chairman for the ensuing year: (2014-2015).
It was moved by J.P.Anderson, seconded by G.Clark, that M.J.Sheppard should be appointed Chairman for the ensuing year. Vote: All in favour.
M.J.Sheppard thanked the Council, agreed to serve as Chairman for the ensuing year and signed the Acceptance of Office form.

14/94: Appointment of Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year: (2014-2015).
It was moved by M.J.Sheppard, seconded by G.Clark, and carried by unanimous vote, that K.Steed be appointed Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year. K.Steed thanked the Council and agreed to stand as Vice-Chairman for as long as possible as she was planning a move away from Gotham in the near future.

J.M.F.Royce arrived at the meeting at 7.09 p.m.

14/95: Apologies: A.Clayworth, County Councillor A. Brown and Borough Councillor T.Vennett-Smith.

14/96: Acceptance of Apologies:
PROPOSED:C.Dabell SECONDED: G.Clark. Vote: All in favour.

14/97: Declaration of Interest: The four elected Trustees of the Memorial Hall/Recreation Ground declared an interest in any business concerning the Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground for the forthcoming year.

14/98: Appointment of Committee Members and 4 Trustees to serve on Memorial Hall/Recreation Ground Trust:

Finance Committee Members:
J.M.F.Royce, G.Clark, B.J.Walker, M.Sheppard, J.P.Anderson.
Planning & Development Committee Members:
J.P.Anderson, B.J.Walker, G.Clark, E.Padden, E. Rodgers, M.J.Sheppard, G.Hutter, K.Steed.
Environment Committee Members:
G.Clark, C.Dabell, M.Sheppard, K.Steed, G.Hutter.
Cemetery Sub-Committee:
J.P.Anderson, D.Bexon, C.Dabell, G.Clark. – PCC Representatives: D.Power, A.Farnsworth.

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are ex officio members of all Committees and sub-Committees of GPC..

Nominees to act as Trustees of the Memorial Hall/Recreation Ground 2014/15
D.Bexon, G.Clark, G.Hutter, K.Steed.

Appointment of Members for Working Parties/Groups:
Sports Arena Management Committee:
J.P.Anderson, M.J.Sheppard.
Gotham News Editorial.
D.Bexon, E.Padden, M.J. Sheppard, K.Steed.
Gotham Website.
K.Steed- website. (Webmaster – S.Butler)
Gotham Countryside Trust:
Snow Warden:
J.M.F. Royce

Appointment of Delegates/Representatives:
N.A.L.C: B.J.Walker/Clerk
Parish Paths Partnership: C.Dabell, to assist ex Councillor, K.G.Thorpe.
Neighbourhood Watch: B.J.Walker
Police Liaison: D.Bexon, L.Rodgers
C.P.R.E: B.J.Walker, Clerk
PROPOSAL: To accept the list of Councillors to serve as representatives on the aforementioned Committees.
PROPOSED: M.J.Sheppard SECONDED: G.Clark. Vote: All in favour.

The Chairman stated that Committee/Sub-Committee Chairmen would be appointed at the first meeting of the Committee in question.

14/99: Casual Vacancy:
The Chairman had received notice from the Returning Officer that, unless ten applications had been received by him for the Casual Vacancy, held open until the 9th May, GPC could co-opt a new Councillor. To date, one application had been received.

E.Rodgers arrived at the meeting at 7.20 p.m.

14/100: Minutes of the previous meeting held on the 1st April, 2014 and Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on the 22nd April, 2014:
RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 1st April, 2014 as circulated, be signed as a true record of the business transacted, with the following amendments: 14/71 Green Belt Review: Penultimate sentence after ‘landowners’ insert ‘including’.
RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting held on the 22nd April, 2014 as circulated, be signed as a true record of the business transacted
PROPOSED: B.J.Walker SECONDED: E.Rodgers Vote: All in favour

E.Padden arrived at the meeting at 7.35 p.m.

Progress from the Last Minutes:
14/71: Planning Report: Green Belt Review: J.M.F.Royce queried the process by which Gotham residents would participate in the reappraisal of the forthcoming change in green belt status, either ‘inset’ or ‘washed’. J.P. Anderson reported the RBC Green Belt Review was currently in process as part of the Local Plan Phase 2 will decide the new status of Gotham in approximately two years’ time. A meeting with St.Gobain would be arranged to talk about inset land boundaries and to present a united front to RBC. Other Gotham landowners are at liberty to submit their wishes to RBC re boundary issues.
14/74: Environmental Matters: Village Noticeboard repair: The Clerk reported D.Healey had repaired the public noticeboard.
Laurel planting in The Square bay: The Clerk reported she, and J.M.F.Royce, had studied the utility map and discovered a disused water pipe and sewage pipe ran below ground adjacent to the front border in The Square which could preclude mechanical excavation. C.Dabell and G.Clark would plant the laurel bush, to replace the dead fir tree, by hand, taking care not to disturb the underlying water pipes.

14/102: Finance Monthly Payments and Receipts:
Receipts and Payments: RESOLVED: That the receipts, since the last meeting, are noted and the Accounts in Appendix F1 be confirmed and authorised for payment.
PROPOSED: M.J.Sheppard SECONDED: E.Padden Vote: All in favour.

Acceptance by the Parish Council of the Audit for Year end 2013/14:
The Chairman read out the financial conditions that the Council had adhered to during the year 2013/14.
PROPOSAL: To accept the Audit of the Accounts for the year 2013/14.
PROPOSED: M.J.Sheppard SECONDED: J.M.F.Royce. Vote: All in favour.
The Chairman and Clerk signed the Audit sheet. The Clerk would forward the accounts to the Internal Auditor, Mr.G.Stafford for his inspection and approval.

Closure of Co-operative Bank Account:
J.M.F.Royce reported that a change of GPC Banking arrangements would be prudent due to the recent news of serious debt problems of the Co-operative Group, part owners of the Co-op Bank and the consequent knock-on effects of the existing problems of the Co-op Bank. Enquiries of the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme), confirmed that U.K. Local Authority Accounts are not protected under the U.K. Compensation Scheme. E.Padden suggested investigating the Localism Bill re personal banking risk.
Opening of new Bank Current Account update:
A meeting had taken place on Thursday, 1st May, 2014 at Curzon House attended by M.J.Sheppard, B.J.Walker, J.M.F.Royce and the Clerk with Richard Altoft and Angela Squires the Manager and banking assistant of, Handelsbanken, Centrepoint. West Bridgford, with a view to opening a new current account.
Handelsbanken had previously confirmed in writing that U.K.Local Authority Accounts are protected under the Swedish Government’s Compensation Scheme up to 100,000 euros per Account.
No bank operating under the U.K. Financial Services Compensation Scheme can afford protection to Local Authority Bank Acoounts.
Account opening procedures were instigated to set up a current account which would pay an annual interest rate of 0.35% on the entire balance therein. Transaction charges will be incurred at Handelsbanken. It was decided, therefore, to retain the existing Co-operative Bank current account at a minimal banking level to mitigate these charges. Monies will be drip fed to this account on a monthly basis from the new Handelsbanken account.
Santander Bond investment confirmation:
At the present time, the Capital monies in the Santander Bond were deposited in a 28 day default account and would be transferred to Handelsbanken as soon as practicable.
J.M.F.Royce recorded thanks to M.F.Raven for his assistance re the search for a suitable new bank account.
Barton Invoice for Green Belt Costs:
The Clerk had not yet received an invoice for green belt costs, attributable to GPC, from the Barton in Fabis clerk.

The Clerk reported a possible change in GPC insurers from Zurich to Aon due to a reduced fee for the year 2014/15. The Village Pump would be insured for £40,000 and added to the policy.

14/103: Chairman’s Report: Planning & Development Committee: (J.P.Anderson)
J.P.Anderson reported no April GPC Planning meeting been held.
Aligned and RBC Core Strategy: J.P.Anderson reported K.Mafham had commented on the Nottingham City Aligned Core Strategy on GPC’s behalf. He had identified suitable brown field sites within Nottingham and criticised the lack of a green belt review as a ‘lack of procedure’. The next stage was to await the Inspector’s Report and decide on whether to hold a Judicial Review.
J.P.Anderson had attended the Oxalis Developer’s Consultation held at the Gotham Memorial Hall on the 24th April, 2014. The Consultation in Gotham had been better attended than those held in Barton and Clifton. Part of the Oxalis traffic management included a tortuous route from the Crusader roundabout to Gotham involving traffic exiting at the Mill Hill roundabout to join a new road to Nottingham Road abutting the tram car park. The line of the old Nottingham Road would be retained only as a cycle track. This re-routing would result in a significant detour for Gotham parishioners to and from Nottingham.
B.J.Walker reported she understood that the Sharphill development had not been started due to expensive building restrictions imposed on the Developers by RBC, including Section106 concessions, making the development financially unsustainable at present.

14/104: Planning Decisions Received:
14/4 (ref: 14/00372/FUL) 6 Monks Lane – Porch to front elevation – GRANTED
14/6: (ref: 14/00214/FUL) Manor Barn – Use of former storage building for ancillary residential use to create a hobby, craft room, install new windows roof lights and external landscaping. GRANTED

14/105: Planning Applications Received:

14/7: (ref: 14/00769/FUL) 24 Bidwell Crescent – Two storey side and front extension. Re-submission.
The applicant had narrowed the frontage to leave a distance between the hedgerow abutting the Bidwell Crescent twitchell and lowered the ridge height. A back up letter of explanation for the new application had been received from the householder.
PROPOSED: J.P.Anderson SECONDED: G.Hutter. Vote: seven in favour, two abstentions, one against.
Comment: This extension will be beyond the building line. Does a building line still need to be adhered to?

14/106: Environmental Matters: new bus shelter on Leake Road (request from parishioner)
No Environment meeting held in April.
The Clerk had been asked by a parishioner for a bus shelter to be provided on Leake Road ( bus stop before and opposite to Hill Road). It was agreed the bus stop was very exposed but that the verge would be too narrow to allow room for a bus shelter. The Clerk would seek further advice from the South Notts Transport Group.

The Clerk had researched replacement signage for the stolen ‘Gotham’ boundary sign on Nottingham Road. Some sign makers had made contact via the Gotham website on hearing about the continued theft of ‘Gotham’ signage perhaps by Batman enthusiasts. The Clerk would make further enquiries re the cost of manufacture of a replacement. It was considered it may be too near to the road to fashion a boulder style boundary sign from gypsum as the Council authorities would deem it an accident risk to motorists. Clerk/Chairman to investigate further.

14/107: Memorial Hall Report:
The planning application for the planned extension to the bar area for beer storage had been submitted.

14/108 Policing Matters/Vandalism:
E.Rodgers reported the April crime figures. Damage to the cricket cover by Clifton youths and the theft of a bicycle from Wodehouse Avenue.

14/109: Gotham News/Media:
M.J.Sheppard reminded Council that ex Councillor, R.Muir had offered to produce the next edition of Gotham News for a fee of £200, plus printing costs. He was in the process of acquiring two more quotations. Gotham News would consist of three twelve page editions annually. Copy date was the 20th June, 2014. The Clerk would advise K.Steed of the webmaster’s contact details.

14/110: Village De-fibrillator:
E.Padden confirmed she was pursuing quotations from electricians to install the defibrillator outside Frydays. County Councillor Andrew Brown had donated £500 towards the equipment Borough Councillor T.Vennett-Smith had previously donated £325 from the Divisional Fund. GPC had pledged £250.The remaining cost to be raised by fund raising efforts.

14/111: Annual Parish Meeting held on the 29th April, 2014:
The Clerk reported 27 parishioners and Councillors attended the Annual Parish Meeting. This was a disappointing turn-out especially as important Planning information was on the Agenda. Every householder had been informed of the Meeting via an advertisement on the front page of the Gotham News and various posters around the village. The meeting also contained an interesting demonstration of a shed alarm padlock. Notts Watch Website contact details would be entered into the next Gotham News. T.Coles, Chairman of the Royal British Legion Gotham and District Branch had explained the role of the Royal British Legion during the 2014-18 commemoration years of World War One. Reports had been given by County Councillor Andrew Brown and Borough Council Trevor Vennett-Smith.
The Chairman read out an email from A.Farnsworth re her disappointment at the lack of information re future GPC financial budgetary plans and the dearth of village organisations’ reports. The Clerk had responded to A.Farnsworth that all financial information was available via Parish Council Minutes on the Gotham website. All Parish Council meetings were advertised and open to the public.
K. Steed would present some alternative ideas on the Parish Meeting format. Display boards at the back of the hall could contain information about the various village clubs and societies for the audience to view during the refreshments period.

14/112: Chairman’s Report:
The Chairman had received the following correspondence:
Advice from Gotham Countryside Trust re its refusal to continue maintenance on the Cuckoo Bush Mound due to the felling of trees at the site. C.Dabell would pursue the matter with Claire North, Secretary to the Trust.
Notts County Council – Supporting Local Communities Fund: Letter to advise GPC that its application for funding towards the cost of the village sculpture had been unsuccessful.

14/113: Clerk’s Report:
The Clerk reported she would be out of the office from the 13th – 21st May, 2014.
B.J.Walker offered to minute the Planning and Development meeting due to take place on the 20th May should the Chairman call a meeting. To date, there had been no planning applications for consideration.

The Clerk had attended the SLCC AGM held in Southwell on the 8th April, 2014. The Society had been in danger of closing due to lack of attendance at Meetings. Future meetings would be booked and advertised to Clerks well in advance for diary entry. A new Committee had been appointed.

14/114: Matters to Report:
K.Steed reported prowlers leaving footprints and tampering with gates on The Ridgeway.
B.J.Walker reported Paddy Tipping, Notts Police Commissioner, had abolished the use of mounted police in Notts.
It was reported that some parishioners thought there was a need for a tetra pack recycling unit at the Memorial Hall car park.

14/115: Date and Time of Next Meeting: Tuesday, 3rd June, 2014 at 7.30 p.m. in the Weldon Room.

Meeting closed at 9.40 p.m.