Minutes of a Planning & Development Committee Meeting (16/06/15)


In the absence of the Clerk notes taken by B.J.Walker

Present: J.P.Anderson, G.Clark, G.Hutter, M.J.Sheppard, B.J.Walker, Andrew Clayworth.

In attendance Martin Wilkins and Harry Taylor.


1/ Election of Chairman

It was proposed by Michael Sheppard and seconded by Geoff Clark that John Anderson be elected Chairman.

Vote: All in favour

2/Election of Vice Chairman

It was proposed by M.Sheppard and seconded by Gill Hutter that Geoff Clark be appointed Vice Chairman.

Vote; All in favour

Harry Taylor was invited to join the Planning and Development committee and he agreed to stand.

He was thanked and welcomed by the Chairman.

3/ Apologies – Nil

4/ Declaration of Interest

Michael Sheppard declared an interest in Item 10, both for 16, Curzon Street and Land off Moor Lane.

5/ Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th March 2015.

It was resolved that the minutes of the Planning and Development Committee held on 17th March 2015 as previously circulated, be confirmed and signed as a true record of business.

PROPOSED G.Clark SECONDED M.J.Sheppard. Vote: All in favour

6/ Progress from the minutes, not on the Agenda, nothing to report

7/ Progress re RBC Core Strategy/Aligned Core Strategy

The Chairman confirmed that GPC had agreed to withdraw from the RBC Judicial Review and that RBC had submitted costs for £5,000 which would be shared with Barton and Thrumpton.

This would leave the way open for Oxalis to resubmit their planning application South of Clifton.

Cllr Taylor is concerned about air pollution affecting any building near the A453 and is collating evidence re air quality which we will use in any response to the planning application.

The Chairman confirmed that we would hope to retain Ken Mafham to guide us in our responses to the forthcoming plan

8/Royal British Legion/Spa Shop – report on Public meeting held on 4th June 2015

We have until 8th July to receive the decision re the Asset of Community Value from RBC.

From the above meeting a new steering group has emerged from within the village. The notes taken by the Clerk will be confirmed at their next meeting (30th June)

A general discussion took place around the funding of this proposal; there is still much preparatory work to be undertaken.

A suggestion was made to consider approaching the Public Loans Board.

The Clerk had written to RBC in answer to some clarification information re the ACV. John Anderson would follow this up.

9/ Planning Decisions Received: It was noted that permission had been granted for 15/3  ref:15/00978/FUL for 9, Naylor Avenue . We did not object.

10/Planning Applications Received: 15/5(ref: 15/00681/FUL 16 Curzon Street – Conversion of garage into bedroom. No objection – Proposed G. Clark Seconded John Anderson. Vote I abstention, rest in favour.

15/6 (ref 15/01206/AGRIC Land off Moor Lane – Erection of machinery and fodder store building.

No objection but strong concerns were made.

11/ 3 Meadow End – removal of decking. A letter from the Enforcement officer of RBC was read out giving the owner 14 days from 12th June to remove the first floor balcony decking.

12/Any other business – Nil

13/Matters to report. Harry Taylor brought to our attention the lack of update on the current Gotham website. He will pursue with Steve Webster? (Have I got the correct name?)

14/ Date of next meeting Tuesday 21st July 2015