Minutes of a Meeting of the Environment Committee (20/10/15)

Meeting commenced at 8.15 p.m.

Members present: Councillors C.Dabell (Chairman), G. Hutter, J.M.F. Royce,   M. Wilkins, M. Sheppard, G.Holbrook.

1.)      Apologies: D. Bexon,  G.Clark.

2.)      Acceptance of Apologies: Proposed: J.M.F.Royce, Seconded: G.Holbrook.

3.)      Declaration of Interest: None

4.)      Minutes of previous meeting:

RESOLVED:  That the Minutes of the Environment Committee, held on the 15TH September, 2015 as previously circulated, be confirmed and signed as a true record of the business transacted..

PROPOSED: M.J.Sheppard.      SECONDED: J.M.F.Royce.   Vote: All in favour.

5.)      Progress Arising from the Minutes:

Pg. 2. Village Seat Count (Clerk) C.Dabell reported village seat identity tabs in the process of being manufactured.

Pg. 2. Item 15: Autumn Bulb Planting: The Clerk had purchased six hundred daffodil bulbs (cost £78), for C.Dabell and G. Holbrook to plant around identified sites in the village. G. Hutter offered to plant bulbs on The Ridgeway.

6.)      Well House Refurbishment:

The Chairman reported, three quotations had been obtained from architectural technologists.

PROPOSAL: In view of punctuality and professionalism, including his specialist qualification in the restoration of ecclesiastical buildings, the quotation from M. Goodwill-Hodgson to supervise the refurbishment of the Well House, at a cost of £1,540, to be recommended to main Council. PROPOSED: G.Holbrook  SECONDED: M.J.Sheppard. Vote: five in favour, one against.

G. Hutter researching the NCC Supporting Local Communities Fund 2016/17 for a contribution towards the costs.

G. Hutter reported East Midlands Airport application or funds had been turned down. A contribution had been received from County Councillor A. Brown for £200 and a further contribution from British Gypsum for £100. Further outstanding applications had been made to Parkway, Biffa, Wren, Eon and Borough Councillor S. Matthews. G. Hutter suggested the art work planned for the roof of the Well House could be part funded by the left over Heritage Committee funds of £3,374.34.The Chairman thanked G. Hutter for her continued hard work.

G.Holbrook suggested removal of the Well House seats to other sites within the village to be replaced by original style seats, i.e. slat benches. (should future finances allow).

7.)      Railway Walk Seating (G.Hutter)

J.M.F.Royce reported, he had spoken to D. Howick re removal of the Kegworth Road seat to the verge outside school, opposite to the entrance to the Railway Walk, on Kegworth Road.

The middle seat on the Railway Walk is in poor repair and the Clerk would ask D. Healey to make improvements.

8.)      Solar Lighting/Meeting NCC Officer re Christmas Lights in lights in the two Rowan trees.

Having researched the Lights4Fun solar lights, it had been agreed that they would be too small to make any impact.

G.Holbrook suggested running Christmas lights to the Rowan trees from the same source as the Christmas tree, i.e. Well House. Street lighting source would require a terminal box.

9.)      Improvements/Waterproofing Village Noticeboard:

C. Dabell had spoken to D. Urry, and is still awaiting recommendation and quote.

10.)    Slabs at the Side and in front of the Village Sculpture Seat:

The Chairman reported, NCC had provided an estimate of £575.23 plus VAT to slab the area around the village sculpture seat.

PROPOSAL: To recommend to main Council the acceptance of the NCC Estimates’ Team quotation of £575.23 + VAT to slab the area around the seat in front of the village sculpture. In view of the extenuating circumstances of this project, and its location, we obviate the need for three quotations.

PROPOSED: J.M.F.Royce  SECONDED: C.Dabell. Vote: All in favour.

11.)    Environment Budget for year 2016/17: (£4,043).

The Clerk circulated the draft Environment Budget for 2016/17. The Horizon mowing contract had been increased by 2%. The previous increase had been 3% in the year 2015/16.

PROPOSAL: A recommendation to the Main Council for the Draft Environment Budget 2016/17 – £4,043. showing provision of an increase to the living wage for maintenance/litter clearance.

PROPOSED: M.J.Sheppard  SECONDED: C.Dabell Vote: All in favour.

12.)    Village Seat on Kegworth Road relocation/plaque:

J.M.F.Royce suggested the seat on Kegworth Road, too dangerously near to the road to sit on, should be removed to outside the primary school. The Clerk to ask for an estimate from NCC estimates team with a view to the work being undertaken during the scabbing of the village sculpture seat area.

13.)   Litter Sign for Hill Road.

The Clerk had been advised by K. Hourd of NCC to approach RBC for a litter sign on Hill Road, opposite to Eric Elliott’s Transport Garage. (progressing).

14.)   Matters to Report:

Street lights: M. Wilkins to enquire whether LED lights should replace street lights as so many are out.

Police report: A report from the Police has highlighted a recent spate of cars broken into. The Clerk had recovered a stolen black beauty case and girl’s clothing and reported it to the Police. PCSO had since collected the items as they had been identified as those stolen from a car parked outside a house on Leake Road.

Heritage Board: C. Dabell to ask K. Towers if he would restore the broken Heritage Board at Strawberry Hill. The Board needs to be relocated away from cows who rub against it and knock it over.

Ridgeway Trees: The Clerk had reported overhanging trees on The Ridgeway to NCC Highways. They had since reassured the Clerk that their maintenance team could see no problem.

Kegworth Road path: K.Hourd had contacted the Clerk, re the narrowness of the pathway from Wood Lane to the mini roundabout on Kegworth Road. The NCC maintenance team to inspect.

Ridgeway Ditch: G. Hutter reported, the Rushcliffe Golf Club had pledged to clean out the ditch by the seat opposite the entrance to Bunny Lane.

Well House Stanchions: J.M.F. Royce had probed the stanchions at the Well House to test their strength.

Pharmacy at Keyworth: The Clerk circulated a letter from K.M.P. pharmacy which is opening shortly at Keyworth and will be available for night time prescriptions.

15.)     A.O.B. (delete)

16.)     Date and Time of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 17th November, 2015 at 8.30 pm (since changed to 7. p.m.)

Meeting closed: 10.05 p.m.