Minutes of a Meeting of the Environment Committee (18/10/16)

Members present: Councillors, G.Holbrook,  J.M.F. Royce, M. Wilkins, M.J.Sheppard.

In Attendance: Councillors, B.J.Walker, P.Bower.

1/ Apologies:  D.Bexon, C.Dabell, G.Hutter.

2/ Declaration of Interest: Nil.

3/ Minutes of previous meeting:

RESOLVED:  That the Minutes of the Environment Committee, held on the 20th September, 2016 as previously circulated, be confirmed and signed as a true record of the business transacted:

PROPOSED:  M.J.Sheppard SECONDED:.J .M.F.Royce Vote: All in favour.

4/ Progress From the Minutes:

Item 4: Cuckoo Bush Mound: K.Thorpe had reported that A.Urry had carried out an excellent job in clearing and tidying the Cuckoo Bush Mound.

5/ Well House Refurbishment (Conclusion): deferred until the next meeting.

6/  Choice of Tree Replacements in The Square: deferred until next meeting.

A third quotation for removing the root balls had been received from J. Taylor totalling £425 plus VAT.

PROPOSAL: Acceptance of J.Taylor’s quotation to remove Rowan Trees root balls leaving a space for new trees one cubic metre in size and infilled with topsoil. PROPOSED: M.Wilkins SECONDED: M.J.Sheppard. Vote: All in favour..

7/ Flooding – Report on Flooding Meeting held on the 13th October, 2016:

M.J.Sheppard reported, 38 parishioners had attended, including Councillors and guests. A very informative meeting. The County/Borough Councils are aiming to write informing homeowners detailing their responsibilities re riparian* (Riparian landowner – one through whose land a natural or manmade watercourse runs).

The Village Flood Survey resulted in a slow response over six weeks which was unhelpful in planning the next step. A. Howick and C. Taylor of NCC, had inspected the village drainage systems today and will circulate a report to affected homeowners. The Diocese own the farm land off Leake Road and would be responsible for the open ditch. Chris Wright of 70 Leake Road offered to help on a village flood committee. It was suggested that each affected sector should elect an inspection team to regularly check numbered gulleys on a map, recording their findings to keep an up to date  observation diary. There are currently only two Council gulley guzzlers in the County. M.J.Sheppard to speak to British Gypsum about this and ask if they would clean out the Gotham gulleys with their equipment. Another approach would be to obtain quotations from private drainage clearance contractors and ask the Council to pay for it, if they are unable to carry out the work themselves. M.J.Sheppard offered to produce a map of village gulleys as a first step.

8/ Budget 2017/18:

The Clerk circulated the current budget for 2016/17 showing up to date spending. It was agreed an added item of two strims of the Railway Walk ditch in April and October should be incorporated into the 2017/18 budget. The Railway Walk needs the removal of elders. J.Taylor to be asked to quote. He had already calculated it would take two days’ work.

The Clerk reported Horizon Contractors were not increasing mowing charges for 2017/18.

PROPOSAL: 2017/18 Environment Budget to be similar to 2016/17 i.e. £4,050. PROPOSED: J.M.F.Royce      SECONDED: M.Wilkins. Vote: All in favour.

Recommendation Capital Proposals: a/ Pump Sinking Fund – £1,000.

b/ The Square Furniture Maintenance £2,000.

PROPOSED: J.M.F.Royce SECONDED: M.Wilkins. Vote: All in favour.

9/ Tree Planning along Nottingham Road, between Bidwell Cres. and Gotham Garage:

Clerk to obtain Services Map before proceeding further.

10/ Improvements/Village Noticeboard:

The Clerk had obtained confirmation from Councillor Bexon that she would progress this item with the parent at Gotham School re his interest in refurbishing the noticeboard.

J.M.F.Royce had attempted a repair to the locks on the noticeboard but they do not work under load.

There are too many long term notices left in the noticeboard. The back board is too difficult to insert drawing pins into.

11/ Replacement Seating in The Square using old Well House seats:

J.M.F.Royce to ask A. Howick to cost  removal of the two damaged seats in The Square and the seat outside the New Rectory to be replaced by the seats removed from the Well House.

12/ NCC Community Improvement Scheme. (New scheme suggestions)

G.Holbrook to ask A. Copson to quote for improving the winged fencing at the Brick Yard entrance to the Railway Walk with the installation of a kissing gate in the middle.

13/  Matters to Report:

Remembrance Day: M.J.Sheppard to organise the appropriate road closure during the Remembrance Day march. J.M.F.Royce offered to steward on Remembrance Day. The march will not extend to Bidwell Crescent as there will not be a police presence.

Arrangements for Remembrance Day to be a main agenda item.

Hanging Baskets: The Clerk is currently progressing the NCC  Hanging Basket licence.

Well House Timer: G.Holbrook not yet fixed the new timer.

New Environment Committee Member: G.Holbrook nominated P. Bower to join the Environment Committee.

Seconded: M.Wilkins. P. Bower accepted.

14/  Date and Time of Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held in the Weldon Room of the Memorial Hall on Tuesday, 15th  November, 2016 at  8.30 p.m.

Meeting closed: 10.10 p.m.