Minutes of a Meeting of the Environment Committee (17/11/15)

Members present: Councillors C.Dabell (Chairman), G.Holbrook, (Vice-Chairman) G. Hutter, J.M.F. Royce, M. Wilkins, M. Sheppard, G.Clark.

1.)         Apologies: D. Bexon.

2.)         Acceptance of Apologies: Proposed: J.M.F.Royce, Seconded: C.Dabell.

3.)         Declaration of Interest: None

4.)         Minutes of previous meeting:

RESOLVED:  That the Minutes of the Environment Committee, held on the 20th October, 2015 as previously circulated, be confirmed and signed as a true record of the business transacted..

PROPOSED:G.Holbrook,      SECONDED: M.J.Sheppard.  Vote: All in favour.

5.)         Progress Arising from the Minutes: Nil to report.

6.)         Well House Refurbishment:

G.Hutter had received three quotations from Designers for the artwork boards to be installed in the Well House roof. The Samfire quotation for £800 seemed the most favourable due to the interest the company took in visiting the Well House to view the project.

G. Hutter asked if the Heritage Capital fund could be used towards the funding of Pump refurbishment if the end cost is above £16,000. J.M.F.Royce confirmed this fund was in place for new or replacement heritage boards. He confirmed, GPC would top up any shortfall of funding the refurbishment.

A copy of the successful application for the Heritage Lottery, in favour of Newark Parish Council, had been received by G. Hutter for referral and to provide an idea of the process, when filling out the GPC application form. If successful, the grant money could be through by February, 2016. The art boards would contribute towards the criteria for the Heritage Lottery grant due to the community appeal. G. Hutter had received eight letters of support from parishioners for the refurbishment work on the Well House. A petition will be circulated during the Carol Singing event to gain more support for the project.  The Clerk had written a letter of acceptance to M. Goodwill-Hodgson for him to project manage the work. She had written letters of thanks to the unsuccessful technical architects.  A meeting with M. Goodwill-Hodgson and J. Bate (RBC Building Restoration representative) had taken place, at the Well House, on the 9th November with Councillors G. Hutter, C.Dabell, G. Holbrook in attendance. M.Goodwill-Hodgson will draw up a specification of the work to be discussed at the next GPC meeting on the 1st December, 2015.

Thanks to G. Hutter for her continued work on applications for grant funding.

7.)    Railway Walk Seating refurbishment of middle seat /Removal of seat – Kegworth Rd. end

The Clerk had asked D. Healey to improve the seat in the middle of the Railway Walk by replacing the three shabby back slats. D. Healey had agreed to carry out the work, as soon as possible.

The seat at the Kegworth Road end of the Railway Walk would be removed by A. Howick, as arranged by J.M.F.Royce.

8.)     Rowan Trees in Square (report on die back):

The Clerk had sought the advice of NCC Forestry Officer, Monty Haw, re the state and possible removal of the dying Rowan trees in The Square. He advised that NCC  have marked them for felling to retain a 1.4m stump.

It would seem that both of them are affected by a disease called Fireblight(Amelanchlor). which is frequently affecting Rowan trees in the county.

NCC usually remove the stump and replace at the same time, once finance permits. GPC have been given the option to remove the stumps and replace the trees at its own cost. The Clerk would seek advice re the cost of earlier stump removal by NCC and choice of hardy species of trees for replacement.

9.)         Improvements/Waterproofing Village Noticeboard:

C. Dabell had spoken to D. Urry, and is still awaiting recommendation and quote.

10.)     Village Seat on Kegworth Road relocation/plaque:

The Clerk reported the cost of removing the Kegworth Road seat, to the verge outside Gotham School, would be £150. She would ask NCC to replace the seat’s front slat, prior to re-siting, as it could pose a risk of snagging clothing.

11.)     Request from Parishioner for banister at top of hillside walk, off Railway Track:

The Clerk had been asked by a parishioner for a banister, similar to the NCC type on the Railway Track, to be provided at the stile and steps leading downhill to the Railway Track.(Footpath No. 2)  The Clerk will ask Jane Baines of NCC PPP (with copy to K. Thorpe. PPP village representative).

12.)     Bulb Planting Progress:

C. Dabell confirmed, 600 daffodil bulbs have been planted around the identified sites in the village.

Thanks to G. Hutter and J.M.F. Royce for their help. A. Urry, who had assisted had invoiced GPC for £50.

14.)   Matters to Report:

Litter Bin at Cheese Hill: G. Neill had collected the litter bin from the Clerk’s home but had not yet put it in place. Clerk to enquire when it will be sited.

Horizon Mowing: Horizon had overcharged GPC for mowing the verge under the Village Sculpture twice more than the contracted number of mowings. i.e. ten not eight. The Clerk had queried this matter with Horizon.

M.J.Sheppard thought the verge required another mowing and asked the Clerk to contact A. Urry to ask him to carry out a ‘one off’ mow.

SSSI Flora and Fauna: B.J. Walker had received a list of flora and fauna at the SSSI, drawn up by S. Riley, forty years’ ago. The list was passed to G. Holbrook to give to the GNR committee.

Christmas Star: C. Dabell is in the process of manufacturing an aluminium star to atop the Christmas Tree.

Remembrance Day Wreath: The Clerk read out a letter of thanks from RBL Chairman, T.Coles, for the GPC donation of £250 to offset the cost of the Remembrance Day wreath.

15.)       Date and Time of Next Meeting:

It was Proposed by M.J.Sheppard and Seconded by C.Dabell to hold the next Environment Meeting on Tuesday 8th December, 2015 at 7.00 . p.m. All in favour.

Meeting closed: 8.00 p.m.