Minutes of a Meeting of the Environment Committee (16/05/17)

Members present: Councillors, C.Dabell G. May, J.M.F. Royce, P. Bower, S. Kent, J. Youatt.

1.     Election of Chairman:

Nomination: C. Dabell.


C. Dabell thanked the Committee but refused the office of Chairman in favour of a younger face on the Council.

2nd Nomination: G. May.

PROPOSED: C. Dabell  SECONDED: P. Bower Vote: four in favour, one against, one abstention.

2.     Election of Vice-Chairman:

Nomination: P. Bower.

PROPOSED: G. May  SECONDED: S. Kent. Vote: four in favour, one against, one abstention.

3.     Apologies: D. Bexon, G. Hutter.

Acceptance of Apologies: PROPOSED: J.M.F. Royce  SECONDED: G. May. All in favour.

4.     Declaration of Interest: Nil.

5.     Minutes of previous meeting:

RESOLVED:  That the Minutes of the Environment Committee, held on the 20th April, 2017 as previously circulated, be confirmed and signed as a true record of the business transacted, with the following amendment. Pg 2 item 11.   Autumn Bulb Planting: remove words ‘ten sacks’. It was agreed, this would be too many. Amount to be decided.

PROPOSED: P. Bower      SECONDED: G. May.  Vote: All in favour.

6.       Progress Arising from the Minutes:

Item 7. Dog Mess – Progress on signage: M. Wilkins had designed a batman style warning to dog users to clear up dog mess. Clerk to price lamination and production of twelve signs for display around the village.

5.     Flooding – Up to date progress:

The Clerk reported, RBC had confirmed acceptance of the grant for flood prevention equipment and £1,050 would be paid to GPC in due course.

J.M.F. Royce reported, the County Council had used a pressure hose to clear the culvert under Leake Road. The drain measures four feet in diameter. The dyke, adjacent to the New Rectory, is a foot higher than the bottom of the culvert so more digging out work needs to be undertaken to level it down to allow water to flow freely. Diesel from the bus depot has been allow to seep into the drain. NCT need to install a sludge trap.

The manhole, outside the bus depot, has been cleared.

Moor Lane drains – storm water has been diverted into sewer, a practice which needs reversing.

NCC not yet cleared the ditch next to Lowe’s field, adjacent to the Brickyard.

Monks Lane flooded recently due to an obstruction in the pipe. This requires a camera inserting to detect the blockage.

8.     Well House Refurbishment (Conclusion)

The Heritage Lottery Grant final payment had not yet been received.

The Clerk had entered the Well House into the CPRE Best Kept Village Competition 2017.

9.    Railway Walk – Long term planning – revised date of site meeting:

The site meeting to take place on Thursday, 1st June, 2017 at 7.30 p.m. meet outside the former Royal British Legion. (Clerk unable to attend).

10.   Village Seat repairs – progress

J.M.F. Royce reported, D. Urry progressing the Gypsum Way seat repair – cost £120 to repair the seat using treated soft wood. J.M.F. Royce to strim the long grass in front of the Gypsum Way seat.

D. Urry had quoted £265 to clear the visibility in front of the Cheese Hill seat and repair it. (J.M.F. Royce to clarify the amount of clearance of shrubbery to be undertaken).

PROPOSAL: Acceptance of the two quotations for village seat repairs, as above (with shrubbery clearance acceptable).

PROPOSED: G. May SECONDED: P. Bower. Vote: All in favour.

D. Healey in the process of repainting the village seats starting with the Village Sculpture seat. The next to be refurbished will be the two seats outside the old Post Office. (Agenda item at full Council).

The Clerk had asked NCC to price the removal of the dilapidated seat, opposite to the bus depot. J.M.F. Royce suggested the installation of a proper bus shelter in its place.

C. Dabell progressing numbered tags for village seat identification.

11.  Litter:

MacDonald’s restaurant at Clifton is causing extra littering along Nottingham Road.

12.  Progress  on Noticeboard Improvements:

M.Raven had drawn up a lengthy report re the need, plus some prices, for two metal frames on the existing wooden structure. The cheaper version was unsightly and the more attractive version too expensive.

C. Dabell to ask D. Urry for a written quotation. Depending on the cost, two other written quotations to be sought.

13.   Village Verges:

Some of the verges look very messy, especially the one on Nottingham Road against the former British Legion building. G. May to ask S. Watson who is responsible for mowing this verge.

The Village Sculpture verge not to be mown until June to allow bulbs to die back.

14. Matters to Report:

Play Equipment: J.M.F. Royce reported that he and M. Raven had removed a piece of play equipment due to its poor condition. Streetwise had noticed the broken equipment and would be advised of its removal. They could offer a quotation for its repair, if required.

CPRE Best Kept Village Competition 2017: The Clerk had entered the newly refurbished Well House into this competition.

13.   Date and Time of Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held in the Weldon Room of the Memorial Hall on Tuesday, 20th June, 2017 at 8.30 p.m.

Meeting closed: 10.00 p.m.