Minutes of a Meeting of Gotham Parish Council (06/06/17)

Present: G. Hutter, (Chairman), A. Clayworth, (Vice-Chairman), J.M.F. Royce, P. Bower, S. Kent, J. Youatt ,  G. May, M. Wilkins, J.P. Anderson, D. Bexon,  B.J. Walker.

In Attendance:  County Councillor A. Brown,

17/123: Apologies: H. Taylor, C. Dabell,  County Councillor R. Adair, Borough Councillor S. Matthews.

17/124: Acceptance of Apologies:

PROPOSED: J.P.Anderson  SECONDED: B.J. Walker. Vote: All in favour.

17/125: Report by County Councillor, A. Brown:

County Councillor A. Brown reported the following items:

Councillor Brown has been re-elected to serve Notts County Council for a further four years with the second highest count in the County. Also serving on the Planning, Notts Fire Authority and Joint Strategic Transport Committees.

County Councillor Reg Adair appointed to Deputy Leader of Notts County Council.

A new flashing bus stop sign to be installed outside the Gotham Bus Garage instead of outside 5 Leake Road.

As arranged, the dilapidated public seat, opposite to Gotham Bus Garage, has been removed by NCC

Suggest a wooden bus shelter is installed to match to one outside the Bus Garage.

The NCC Traffic Survey, carried over a week in March 2016, had been handed to J.P. Anderson. Results show an 11% reduction in traffic since the opening of the A453.

The Local Mineral Plan will be reviewed. Nottingham currently have a 10 year supply of minerals.

Councillors A. Brown and R. Adair plan to work together joining forces to cover larger items.

The Council Community Fund remains in place and might be increased.

One million pounds has been pledged for Council road works to reduce pot holes, etc.

The 1960’s Class Building at the County Hall has been demolished. Discussions re the use of the site include a walkway for the public to access the River Trent embankment.

A complaint had been received re the Leake Road pavement which makes pushchair and  wheelchair pushing difficult.

A request in March,  for the clearance of two street gulleys in The Square had not yet been addressed.

The Chairman thanked County Councillor A. Brown for his attendance. He left the meeting at 8.00 p.m.

17/126: Report by Borough Councillor, S. Matthews: Nil.  (Apologies received).

17/127: Declaration of Interest:

Memorial Hall Trustees in any business pertaining to the Memorial Hall.

17/128: Minutes of the previous meeting:

Resolved: That the previously circulated Minutes of the Parish Council Annual meeting held on the 2nd May, 2017 be accepted and signed as a true record of the business transacted with the following alterations:

Pg. 3. 17/111:  Flooding Improvements: 4th sentence: remove ‘seeped into’ replace with ‘contaminated’.

Pg. 3. 17/112: Playgroup Improvements: 3rd sentence: remove ‘chain links from Wicksteeds’.

Pg. 5. 17/120: Matters to Report: reword 6th paragraph: J.M.F. Royce to renovate Cheese Hill seat.

Acceptance of amended Minutes: PROPOSED J.P. Anderson SECONDED: G. Hutter. Vote: All in favour.

17/129: Progress from the Minutes: Nil to report.

17/130: Finance: Monthly Payments and Receipts:

1. Monthly Payments and Receipts

PROPOSAL: Acceptance of Payment and Receipts.

PROPOSED: J.M.F. Royce  SECONDED:  B.J. Walker.

Vote: All in favour.

2. Approval of Audit 2016/17:

The Chairman read out the accounting statements and signed the Audit paper, endorsed by the R.F.O.

PROPOSAL: Acceptance of the Audit for year ending 31st March, 2017:

PROPOSED: J.P.Anderson SECONDED: B.J. Walker Vote: All in favour.

The Clerk reported, G. Stafford no longer willing to undertake the internal audit. A letter of thanks to be sent to him together with a gift, purchased by B.J. Walker.

3. Handelsbanken Change of Signatory:

PROPOSAL: J.P. Anderson to replace ex Councillor M.J. Sheppard as a third bank signatory at Handelsbanken.


Vote: All in favour.

Application form completed for Clerk to submit.

4. Application for Grant in support of Gotham Fest:

The Clerk had received details of the skip hire and First Aid assistance, approximate cost – £500.

PROPOSAL: Invoices to cover the skip hire and first aid to be sent to GPC directly. Clerk to inform M. Lowe. PROPOSED: J.M.F.Royce SECONDED: G. May. Vote: All in favour.

New Monitor for Gotham News Layout £299. Cheque made out to M. Wilkins to cover these costs.

Scouts application for Great North Run – Agreed sum of £130 to be paid in October, 2017 following a successful Run in September.

17/131: Memorial Hall Report:

G. Hutter reported, a vinyl floor had been laid on top of the wooden one in the Memorial Hall main hall.

The Trustees to continue to pay for Playground insurance.

Playground and Maintenance:

J.M.F. Royce had drawn up a specification for removal of the former Witch’s Hat concrete circle which had been highlighted for removal by ROSPA. Suggestion to leave returfing of the area until September was considered unwise by Council. Three contractors had been contacted to carry out the specified work after Council’s approval. S. Kent suggested a methodology statement should be included within the specification.

Following a disagreement between two Councillors, G. Hutter left the meeting at 8.40 p.m.

PROPOSAL: J.M.F. Royce to alter the specification to include an earlier work commencement date, during June, and include a methodology statement. He would submit the tender to the three chosen contractors without further delay.

PROPOSED: A. Clayworth  SECONDED: G. May. Vote: nine in favour, one against.

The basketball white backboard to be retained – football goal net to be replaced.

Vice Chairman, A. Clayworth took the Chair for the remainder of the meeting.

Representative to serve on the Sports Arena Committee:

S. Kent volunteered to serve as a representative on the Sports Arena Committee.


PROPOSED:  J. P. Anderson SECONDED: J. Youatt. Vote: All in favour.

Clerk to inform the Sports Arena Secretary, P. Dines.

17/132: Chairman of Planning and Development Committee:

J.P.Anderson reported, he had received notification from RBC that the former Royal British Legion site was being put on the market again. As GPC hold an Asset of Community Value, it could put a six month  moratorium on the site to allow a decision on its future to be considered.

J.P. Anderson had attempted, unsuccessfully to speak to the Agents handling the sale.

The site is in a state of dereliction.  An appeal to RBL to keep the site in a kempt state could be made.

NCC had recently mown the verges in front of the site.

PROPOSAL: To hold a Public Meeting to allow parishioners a say in the future of the former RBL site.

Agreed date: 27th June, 2017 at 7.30 p.m.  A house to house leaflet drop to be carried out advertising the date. (700  A5 leaflets to be printed by Temple Printers).

PROPOSED: J.P. Anderson  SECONDED: G. May. Vote: Nine in favour, one abstention.

RBC Local Plan Part 2.

The recent traffic survey carried out by GPC and other volunteers had been sent to D. Prior for analysis.

The main flow of traffic was from Nottingham through to East Leake.

The traffic survey should have commenced at 7 a.m. to catch early commuters.

RBC Preferred Option due in September, 2017.

Neighbourhood Plan:

A report had been received from Gotham School re current school numbers.

17/133: Planning Decisions Received: Nil.

17/134: Planning Applications Received:

Ref: 17/01238/FUL – 120 Leake Road – single storey rear extension. – to be discussed at the next Planning Meeting on the 20th June, 2017.

17/135: Report by Chairman of the Environment Committee:

Representative to serve on the Gotham Countryside Trust:

Nomination: G. May.

PROPOSED: A. Clayworth  SECONDED: J.P. Anderson. Vote: All in favour.

Village Seats: The remaining seat, opposite to Gotham Bus Garage, is unused and needs cleaning and repainting.

D. Healey currently carrying out rolling programme of village seat repairs and maintenance.

Well House: The last part of the Heritage Lottery Grant had been received. (£2610). GPC’s contribution to the Well House refurbishment totalled £5,800.

Railway Walk: Five Councillors attended the Railway Walk site meeting. Timetable of work to be drawn up.

Cemetery Sub Committee Meeting: Meeting held on the 16th May, 2017. J.P. Anderson to draw up a specification of the front row of graves to be straightened and tidied. Apron grass cutting to be monitored. Top end of Cemetery looking smarter due to work, undertaken on Orchard Street and pruning of the Leylandii. Some tidying to the top left hand side of the Cemetery to be specified.

Large yew tree showing some dead branches which need removal.

17/136: Flooding Progress Report: (This item to be removed from the main agenda).

There had been no more work carried out since last reported. The grant for sandbags not yet received. Sandbags have a life of between five and ten years and cost £5 each. Two hundred to be ordered for storage and distribution to householders. It is important to make individual householders aware of their own responsibility to store sandbags at their own property for easy and quick access.

PROPOSAL: Meeting to continue to conclude the business on the Agenda.

PROPOSED: A. Clayworth  SECONDED: M. Wilkins. Vote: All in favour.

17/137: Clerk’s Appraisal:

A. Clayworth to carry out appraisal on Monday, 12th June, 2017.

17/138: Policing Matters/Vandalism:

April crime figures received. Attempted vehicle break in.

B.J. Walker to attend a Police Priority Setting meeting in Tollerton on the 14th June, 2017.

17/139: Gotham News and Media:

M. Wilkins progressing the July edition of G.News. Copy date, 29th June, 2017. D. Bexon to proof read.

17/140: Chairman’s Report: Nil.

17/141: Clerk’s Report: Nil.

17/142: Matters to Report:

Interactive Bus Timetable: PROPOSAL: Interactive bus time table sign to be sited outside the Gotham Bus Garage.

PROPOSED: J.P. Anderson SECONDED: G. May Vote: All in favour.

Ridgeway Seat: J.M.F. Royce had strimmed around the Ridgeway public seat.

Next Meeting: B.J. Walker tendered her apologies for the next meeting.

17/143: Items for Next Agenda:  Cancellation of August meeting for Holiday. Policy: Tape recording meetings.

17/144: Date of Next Meeting: The Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 4th July, 2017 at 7.30 p.m.

Meeting closed at 10.15 p.m