Minutes of a Meeting of Gotham Parish Council (04/04/17)

Present: G. Hutter, (Chairman), B.J. Walker, (Vice-Chairman), J.M.F. Royce, P. Bower, H. Taylor,  G. May, C. Dabell, J.P. Anderson, D. Bexon, A. Clayworth. In Attendance: Borough Councillor S. Matthews.

The Chairman welcomed new Councillors, Jane Youatt and Steve Kent, to the meeting.

17/74: Apologies: M. Wilkins, County Councillor A. Brown

17/75: Acceptance of Apologies:

PROPOSED:  B.J. Walker SECONDED: J.M.F. Royce. Vote: All in favour.

17/76: Report by County Councillor, A. Brown: Nil. Apologies received.

17/77: Report by Borough Councillor, S. Matthews:

Borough Councillor Matthews reported the following items:

The Rushcliffe Arena is now open. The building cost 14.8 million pounds to construct. There are 4,500 signed up members.

The Civic Centre has sold to a developer for 6.9 million pounds.

RBC has raised the Council Tax by 4.5% to cover the extra expense of social care.

Consultation emails re the RBC Local Plan should be sent via the Clerk to the Parish Council. Many members of the public have expressed their concern over the Local Plan which is in its very early stages.

Borough Councillor Matthews pointed out that, at this stage, the Local Plan is at a purely outline stage and may well be altered.

Borough Councillor Matthews has supported Gotham Cricket’s Club appeal for funding by granting it £450 towards a new roller.

RBC have recently appointed three ‘tsars’ to attempt to improve local shopping areas.

Leader of RBC, Councillor Neil Clark, is leaving his post to stand for election for Notts. County Council, Bingham Ward.

The Chairman thanked S. Matthews for attending. He left the meeting at 7.44 p.m.

17/78: Declaration of Interest:

Memorial Hall Trustees in any business pertaining to the Memorial Hall.

17/79: Minutes of the previous meeting:

Resolved: That the previously circulated Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 7th March, 2017 be accepted and signed as a true record of the business transacted.

Acceptance of amended Minutes: PROPOSED J.P. Anderson SECONDED: G. Hutter. Vote: All in favour.

Progress: 17/58: J.P.Anderson corrected the item re Barton in Fabis having received a planning application from ‘Greenfield’ for the extraction of sand and gravel. Greenfield had presented an Exhibition which might be a precursor for a future Planning Application. Barton in Fabis has produced a very informative information leaflet which was laid on the table for Councillors to read.

17/80: Finance: Monthly Payments and Receipts:

Monthly Payments and Receipts

PROPOSAL: Acceptance of Payment and Receipts.

PROPOSED: J.M.F. Royce  SECONDED:  J.P. Anderson Vote: All in favour.

Application for £500 Gotham Fest Grant (M. Lowe).

The Clerk had not yet received projected figures to run Gotham Fest.

Appointment of Internal Auditor:

PROPOSAL: Appointment of G. Stafford as Internal Auditor  with the internal audit procedure to be audited by M. Barnet.

PROPOSED: J.P. Anderson SECONDED: G. May. Vote: All in favour.

New Software for Gotham News Layout: (deferred until the May meeting when M. Wilkins present)

Application from Gotham Cricket Club for £450 towards junior coaching:

J.P. Anderson produced a Cricket Club 2015/16 balance sheet showing a return to financial health after a difficult financial period. The Club had worked extremely hard over the last two years to support the coaching of up to fifty boys. It has secured grants from Notts County Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council and also local sponsorship. G. May spoke in favour of the Cricket Club earning money by fund raising functions.

PROPOSAL: To support the Gotham Cricket Club junior coaching to the sum of £450.

PROPOSED: J.P. Anderson SECONDED: H. Taylor. Vote: ten in favour, two against. Motion carried.

Funding for Neighbourhood Plan:

£1,000 already budgeted in the Capital Fund. Further funds to be sought via a Government Grant. (Planning Agenda item).

P.R. Dines arrived at the Meeting at 8.10 p.m.

17/81: Memorial Hall Report:

Playground Maintenance:

PROPOSAL: Suspension of Standing Orders:

PROPOSED: G. Hutter  SECONDED: J.M.F. Royce. Vote: All in favour.

P.R. Dines suggested that GPC contribute up to £6,000 towards the playground improvements.

Recreation Ground Capital of £3,000 held by GPC.

Suggestion that in the current year, 2017/18 both GPC and Trustees pledge £1,000 each annually for five years to support a gradual improvement in the playground equipment.

An application to WREN requires three funders to support  grant funding.

The Trustees currently have three other  important projects in the pipeline, driveway gates, improved seating and paving, new floor in the main hall.

P.R. Dines left the meeting at 8.20 p.m.

PROPOSAL: Re-instatement of Standing Orders:

PROPOSED: J.P. Anderson  SECONDED: J.M.F. Royce. Vote: All in favour.

ROSPA Playground Report shows some repairs required.

Costs to remove the concrete adjacent to the netball post and replacing with topsoil and turf. £840 from Trueline.

A discussion took place re the best replacement for the concrete. It was, agreed, the concrete would need removal at the earliest convenience.

Further discussion re replacement flooring between the netball posts to be decided by the Playground Group. Suggestion to acquire quotations to remove and replace the concrete with astro-turf, or similar surface, with advice from the Produlic representative. (Agenda item next month).

ROSPA suggested warning signs to be posted, re climbing on the equipment.

An estimate had been received from C. Dines for maintenance work re Sandpit: To dig over existing sand, spread/level bagged sand – £30.

Artificial Safety Surfaces:  apply moss kill to affected carpets, clean all carpet areas, spread/level and brush into cleaned carpets fine kiln sand. £180.

Parish Council to acquire sand from J.A. Stephens.

PROPOSAL: Acceptance of C. Dines maintenance quotation of £210 for above safety area cleaning.

PROPOSED: G. Hutter SECONDED: J. Youatt. Vote: All in favour.

17/82: Chairman of Planning and Development Committee:

J.P.Anderson reported, K. Mafham had submitted a response to the RBC Local Plan part 2 on GPC’s behalf. He had also commented on the Green Belt Review with special mention of the historic significance of some of the sites suggested. The CIL had been mentioned .RBC Local Plan part 2 responses available to view on the website.

The Neighbourhood Plan awaiting comments and instruction from P. Marshall of RBC.

K. Mafham to attend the next GPC Planning Meeting.

17/83: Planning Decisions Received:

17/1: (ref: 17/00196/FUL) 329 Leake Rd – 1st floor side extension, single storey rear extension. Loft conversion.  GRANTED

17/84: Planning Applications Received: Nil.

17/85: Report by Chairman of the Environment Committee:

Railway Walk: C. Dabell reported positive feedback re the Railway Walk improvements.

Stoney Lane Barn: A parishioner seeks GPC approval of his intention to restore the now dilapidated 1840 barn on Stoney Lane.

Cemetery Arch: C. Dabell spoke in favour of rebuilding the stone arch over the Cemetery gateway. GPC discussed this item but felt the Playground improvements should take priority at the present time.

J.P. Anderson called for a Cemetery Sub-Committee Meeting to be held during April to discuss ongoing maintenance.

17/86: Flooding Progress Report:  A well attended meeting took place in the Memorial Hall on the 27th March, 2017. County Councillor A. Brown present. G. Taylor of NCC reluctant to take action on village culverts and removal of blockages. A. Howick had spoken to G. Taylor and an inspection had taken place of Moor Lane, Nottingham Road culvert and street gulleys. Kegworth Road had been cleared. If no further action, by NCC, taken place in two months’ refer to County Councillor A. Brown.

17/87: Standing Orders Review:

Reminder to Council to report amendments to Standing Orders to J.P.Anderson prior to the May meeting when a review will take place.

17/88: Clerk’s Appraisal:

A. Clayworth to obtain a Proforma and date to be arranged.

17/89: Policing Matters/Vandalism:

March crime figures not yet received. A report of drug dealing on Soldiers Lane had been received. The Police had been alerted.

The Memorial Hall shed had suffered an attempted break-in.

The Memorial Hall defibrillator signage had been stolen on Saturday, 1st April, 2017. G. Hutter had priced a replacement.

Reports of worsening speeding through the village. Police to be informed.

A bad vehicle accident had occurred on The Ridgeway.

17/90: Gotham News and Media: Nil to report.

PROPOSAL: Meeting to continue to conclude the business on the Agenda.

PROPOSED: G. Hutter  SECONDED: J.P. Anderson. Vote: All in favour.

17/91: Chairman’s Report:

The Chairman had received a donation from Mrs. C. Smith in favour of the new  Playground Equipment.

Clerk to send a letter of thanks.

Notes handed out from Public Relations assistant, Louise Third.

17/92: Clerk’s Report:

The Clerk had drawn up an agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting to be held on the 25th April, 2017 in the Memorial Hall,  Moonrakers’ Room, at 7.30 p.m. She had contacted village groups to advise them of the opportunity to advertise their recent events, etc.

Advertising panels ordered from Off the Wall and to be delivered on the day.

17/93: Matters to Report:

G. May reported, the steps at the top of the cornfield had been re-aligned to coincide with the opening of the gates.

P. Bower reported a trip hazard had resulted from Virgin Media replacement of a manhole cover outside the old Post Office.

P. Bower reported the dilapidated seat outside the New Rectory needs removal. Clerk to ask advice of NCC Highways re its permission requirements.

G. May unable to attend the Council Training Course on the 27th April, 2017. Clerk to advise NALC.

D. Bexon had been unable to contact the parent interested in undertaking the improvements to the village noticeboard.

17/94: Items for Next Agenda:

Software for M. Wilkins, Clerks Appraisal,  Standing Orders Review, Playground Improvements.

17/95: Date of Next Meeting: The Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 2nd May 2017 at 7.00 p.m.

Meeting closed at 9.45 p.m