Minutes of a Meeting of Gotham Parish Council (03/03/15)

Present: M.J.Sheppard, (Chairman) K.Steed (Vice-Chairman) Councillors, J.M.F.Royce, B.J.Walker, G.Holbrook, A.Clayworth, G.Clark,  G.Hutter, J.P.Anderson. In attendance: Mr. H. Taylor, County Councillor A.Brown,( 8.10 – 9.00 p.m.)

15/136: Apologies: E.Rodgers, D.Bexon, C.Dabell, Borough Councillor T.Vennett-Smith.

PROPOSED: K.Steed SECONDED: J.M.F.Royce. Vote: All in favour.

15/37: Declaration of Interest:

Trustees, G.Hutter, K.Steed, D.Bexon and G.Clark in matters relevant to the Memorial Hall/Recreation Ground.

15/38: Minutes of the previous meeting:

Resolved: That the previously circulated Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 3rd February, 2015, be accepted and signed as a true record of the business transacted, with the following amendments:

15/22: Annual Church Clock Service: replace ‘J.M.F.Royce’ with ‘The Clerk’.

15/23: County Councillor A.Brown reported: second word ‘add ‘sand’ after ‘Barton’. 2nd sentence after ‘five’ add ‘railway’.

15/27: MH Report: delete ‘refurbishment’ amend to ‘running and maintenance’.

15/33: Matters to report: delete ‘G.Hutter’ replace with ‘It was reported’. End of second sentence add ‘ in hand on the Ridgeway’.

PROPOSED: B.J.Walker SECONDED: K.Steed. Vote: Nine in favour, two abstentions.

Progress from the December Minutes:

15/26: The Clerk reported Streetwise had emptied the overflowing dog bin at the end of Hill Road.

15/39: Finance Monthly Payments and Receipts:

Receipts and Payments:

RESOLVED: That the receipts, since the last meeting, are noted and the Accounts in Appendix F1 be confirmed and authorised for payment.

Terrier Groundcare would return cheque no. 303556 for £875.16 to be made payable to A.J.Copson.

M.J.Sheppard disputed the cost of pruning clearance from the Railway Walk as the verbal quotation accepted had been £30 whereas the invoice was for £60. Cheque no. 303558 would be cancelled and a new cheque made out for £30. The Clerk would explain to the contractor in an accompanying letter.

The Clerk had contacted P.Lomas and G.Challand for advice re a village litter pick carried out in the school half term. She had ascertained that seven bags of rubbish had been collected. It was, therefore, PROPOSED by G.Hutter and SECONDED by G.Clark, that £40 should be paid as a donation towards the collection of funds for P.Lomas and G.Challand’s forthcoming trip to Ghana  to assist in building an orphanage and sports arena in the Volta area.

PROPOSAL: Acceptance of Finance Monthly Payments and Receipts: PROPOSED: J.P.Anderson SECONDED: J.M.F.Royce. Vote: All in favour.

County Councillor Andrew Brown arrived at the meeting at 8.10 p.m.

GPC Grants Policy Review: Amount of Total Annual Allocation: (last reviewed in 2012).

The Clerk had circulated a list of grants paid to Village Clubs and groups over the last five years’.

Grants to Clubs and Societies: During the last five years’ grant payouts had averaged £700 per annum which fell in line with the maximum available. Grants to the Recreation Ground Play Equipment and Pavilion Maintenance Sinking Fund over five years had totalled £6,900. (which includes Pavilion Sinking Fund additional £1,000 started in 2014/15).

It was PROPOSED by M.J.Sheppard and SECONDED by J.P.Anderson to accept £700 maximum grant, in one year, to established Clubs and Societies and to hold a meeting with the Cricket and Bowls Clubs in order to review their annual Grants. Clerk to seek copies of accounts from Clubs in question. Vote: All in favour.

Newly formed Local Groups – Currently £200 maximum grant in one year.

National Charities: Currently £100 maximum grant in one year.

Remove two loans i.e. Bowls Club and Memorial Trustees Loan which had been repaid in 2012.

It was PROPOSED by M.J.Sheppard and SECONDED by J.P.Anderson to retain the above grants in favour of newly formed local groups (£200) and National Charities (£100) and remove loan information which expired in 2012. All in favour.

15/40: Report by Chairman of Planning and Development Committee:

J.P.Anderson reported the Village Design Statement (2005) was in the process of being reviewed and updated. The Clerk had circulated copies of the document to members of the Planning Committee for their input.

RBC/Aligned Core Strategy progress: J.P.Anderson reported, the judgment on the Nottingham City Council ‘strike out’ appeal on the grounds of time had failed. The Judicial Review date is the 24th March, 2015. B.J.Walker suggested members of GPC might be interested in attending the proceedings at the Royal Courts of Justice. (expected length of proceedings is one day).

RBC Core Strategy: The Judicial Review date awaited. Should the Judicial Review on the ACS fail, the Judicial Review on the CS maybe irrelevant. RBC not giving decision on the Oxalis Planning Application for a development on the Clifton Pastures until the outcome of the RBC Judicial Review is known. The Highways Agency has renewed their three month objection to the Planning Application. which runs to mid May. There might be a submission by Oxalis for information under the Freedom of Information Act to the Highways Agency for a basis for its assertion that rat running would not prove a problem. The latest response from the Highways to the FoI request on the rat-running issue is still incomplete.  The present document, supplied by the Highways Agency, does not contain information produced by Laurence Walker. Without this information, data re potential traffic movement, following the building of a large housing development at Clifton is unknown. It may resort to GPC’s  direct application to Laurence Walker for this crucial information. J.P.Anderson had spoken to D.Mitchell re future transport plans and potential rat running problems through Gotham and is still awaiting their reply. County Councillor A.Brown, who sits on the County Council Highways Committee, will press the Committee re GPC’s rat running concerns and make sure the subject is raised at this Committee’s next meeting

County Councillor A.Brown reported the following items:           .

Local Bridge Repairs: County Councillor A.Brown reported the Highways Agency is in talks with Sutton Bonington Parish Council re essential bridge works, adjacent to the Parish.

Notts County Council Meeting: A twelve hour County Council budget meeting took place on the 26th February with a motion in favour of the Labour Councillor’s 1.99% increase in Council Tax. The vote was 33% in favour and 33% against so the Chairman cast the deciding vote. (Conservative Council put forward a motion for a nil increase in Council Tax).

A453 Traffic Lights at Clifton: Lainge O’Rourke had switched the traffic lights at the Crusader roundabout to a timed sequence. Gotham traffic held up to allow more traffic to flow from the A453 (from the M.1. junction 24 direction).

Nott’s County Council, RBC and North West Leicestershire District Council wish to rename the A453 ‘Remembrance Way’. Poppy seeds to be planted for one hundred metres by Laing O’Rourke.

Closure of Green Lane: The Clerk had received email advice, re closure of Green Lane, Clifton from the 12th February for the following two months. This closure had not occurred due to pressure from Lillian Greenwood M.P. and members of the Nottingham City Council.

Sutton Bonington University Litter Pick: The students of S.B. University had recently carried out a Litter Pick around the campus area.

Litter: The litter nuisance in Rushcliffe had worsened since the privatisation of Streetwise. A Gotham Litter Pick will take place on Saturday, 21st March, 2015.The Clerk had invited Gotham Scouts to take part.

Weight Restriction Sign: NCC to reinstate the missing weight restriction sign on Nottingham Road. This has caused an increase in heavy lorries travelling through Gotham village. Parishioners are urged to report sightings of heavy lorries and obtain the registration number, company name and time of offence to report to Truck Watch who can then prosecute the offending driver.

County Councillor A.Brown left the meeting at 9.00 p.m.

J.P.Anderson reported the progress re the following Planning Applications:

14/16: (ref: 14/02339/FUL) 3 Meadow End – Install decked roof terrace on existing flat roof to rear, safety fencing around the deck (1.2me high picket fence) alter window to glazed French door. REFUSED (removal within one month of decision – signed by RBC 6th January, 2015). The decking had yet to be removed following the refusal of planning permission made on 6th January.

15/2: (ref: 15/00120/FUL) Woodland, Kegworth Road – Construction of wooden stable block within garden.

Decision – No objection at P and D meeting held on the 16th February, 2015.

15/42: Planning Decisions Received: Nil.

15/43: Planning Applications Received: Nil.

15/44: Environmental Matters: (C.Dabell).

In the absence of C.Dabell, G.Holbrook gave the following report:

Railway Walk Fencing: G.Holbrook had prepared a specification for the Railway Walk fencing, adjacent to Brickyard. Three quotations in hand with two more awaited.

Cemetery Sub-Committee: J.P.Anderson to arrange a meeting of the Cemetery Sub-Committee when C.Dabell is available.

Village Bench: M.J.Sheppard read out a letter from Mrs. A. Padgett re her wish to install a village bench bearing a plaque in memory of her husband, the late David Padgett. The Clerk would seek further information re type, site and cost, etc. She would thank Mrs Padgett for her kind offer.

15/45: Memorial Hall Report from GPC representatives:

Nil to report as there had been no meeting of MH Trustees during February, 2015.

Memorandum of Understanding: The Clerk circulated the document ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ drawn up in 2012. The document seeks to draw up and lay down guidelines for the running of the Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground. The document is to be studied by Councillors and reviewed by the original Focus Group and Trustees, in the near future.

Memorial Hall Car Park: B.J.Walker reported a large puddle of water collecting on the Memorial Hall car park, behind the Bowls Club. A meeting would be arranged with the Contractors to discuss a remedy.

15/46: Policing Matters/Vandalism:

Crime figures for February circulated. The crime figures over the last three months to appear in Gotham News.

15/47: Gotham News & Media:     Editorial Team: Editorial Team: M.J.Sheppard, K.Steed, B.J.Walker and D.Bexon.

M.J.Sheppard working hard on Gotham Remembers, Gotham News and The Councillor. All going to press on the 5th March, 2015. K.Steed and the Clerk offered to assist in sorting out each Councillors’ and other volunteers delivery quotas.

15/48 : 2nd Defribrillator :

The Clerk reminded Council that the cost of the first defibrillator/cabinet had been £1,995. A second defibrillator could be purchased, initially from Precept funds followed up, by a fundraising campaign. A site, for the second defibrillator, near to The Square needed to be identified. It was understood, the Bus station staff were reluctant to relocate a defibrillator in a cabinet outside. It is currently housed in a locked cupboard within the Depot. Negotiation with the Bus station could be attempted re siting the defibrillator on the outside wall for public use. A second defibrillator is used by  the Depot’s First Responder during call outs to the general public.

15/49: Arrangements for Annual Parish Meeting on the 28th April, 2015

M.J.Sheppard reported County Councillor A. Brown and Borough Councillor T.Vennett-Smith would be available to attend the Annual Parish Meeting and give their reports. Representatives from Barton and Thrumpton Councils would attend in order to present a retirement gift to Borough Councillor T.Vennett-Smith..  It was agreed, that village clubs and societies would be invited to attend with a written report to be displayed during the meeting and discussed during the refreshment break. The Clerk would purchase and prepare the usual refreshments.

15/50: Chairman’s Report:

The Chairman read out an e-mail from Mrs.J.Kyte who sought permission to use illustrations from the booklet ‘Telling Tales of Gotham’ published in 2003 to assist in her compilation of her family history. The resulting document is not for publication but may be held in a suitable Nottingham archive for safe keeping.

PROPOSAL: To permit Mrs. J.Kyte to use illustrations from the Telling Tales of Gotham book.

PROPOSED: M.J.Sheppard  SECONDED: G.Clark. Vote: All in favour.

The Clerk would alert Mrs. Kyte to the existence of the Village Sculpture re further material for her work.

The Chairman invited Councillors to contribute towards a retirement gift for Borough Councillor T.Vennett-Smith who had served the Community for 32 years. Envelopes for individual contributions were circulated and the Chairman had appointed an individual, from outside the Council, to count the funds. Funds from Barton and Thrumpton were already in hand.

The Chairman presented a newly fashiond GPC letterhead sporting a heading ‘Gotham of Legends’ depicting the golden hare surrounded by a green border. All in favour of adopting the updated stationery.

15/51: Clerk’s report:

The Clerk had ordered a Broxap litter bin for the verge on Cheese Hill. (Cost £195 delivery £26.00 fixing screws £4.50).

The Clerk had drawn up a list of Village venues requiring litter collection for the forthcoming Village Litter Pick.

15/52: Matters to Report:

The Chairman read out a letter of resignation from Councillor Karen Steed due to her plans to move to Berkshire in the near future. The Chairman and Council accepted Councillor Steed’s resignation with great regret. They thanked her for her hard work on numerous Committees including Trusteeship of the Memorial Hall/Recreation Ground, membership of the Planning and Environment Committees, Gotham News proof reader/collator and hardworking GNR member from the inauguration of the scheme to re-instate the SSSI. Councillor Steed will be very much missed and the Council wish her and her husband a happy life in Lambourne.

K.Steed reported ditch work on the Ridgeway had been carried out by Mr. Roberts-Gunn. Further drainage work was required by Rushcliffe Golf Club to prevent the culverts overflowing with rainwater. The matter has been raised by several Ridgeway residents, to no avail. The Clerk would contact the secretary, Mr. Colin Bee requesting reinstatement of the ditches alongside the Golf Club on Leake Road.

15/53: Items for Next Agenda:

Grant Policy Update/Meeting with Sports Clubs.

Annual Parish Meeting – 28th April, 2015

Appointment of Internal Auditor.

15/34: Date of Next Meeting: The next Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 7th April,  2015 at 7.30 p.m.

Meeting closed at 10.10 p.m.