Minute of a Meeting of the Finance Committee (28/10/14)

Present:     J.M.F.Royce, G.Clark, M.J. Sheppard, J.P.Anderson, B.J.Walker.

1/   Apologies: Nil

2/   Acceptance of Apologies: N/a

3/   Election of Chairman:

It was moved by B.J.Walker, seconded by M.J.Sheppard and duly carried, that J.M.F.Royce be appointed Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Vote: All in favour.

J.M.F.Royce thanked the Committee and agreed to stand as Chairman.

4/   Election of Vice-Chairman:

It was moved by G.Clark, seconded by J.P.Anderson and duly carried, that B.J.Walker be appointed Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Vote: All in favour.

B.J.Walker thanked the Committee and agreed to stand as Vice-Chairman.

5/   Declaration of Interest: Nil.

6/   Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting held 28th January, 2014:

RESOLVED: The Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting held on 28th January, 2014, as previously circulated, be confirmed and signed as a true record of the business transacted.

PROPOSED: J.P.Anderson   SECONDED: B.J.Walker Vote: All in favour. 

Progress: Nil to report.

7/   Bank Account Balances

  1. Co-Op Current Account: £ 20,494.84
  2. Co-op 14 Day Account: £          77
  3. Handelsbanken current account: £ 64,047.44
  1. 2014/15 Budget Rolling Balances (as per sheets circulated by e-mail)
  2. a)      Capital
  3. b)      Revenue
  4. c)      Recreation Ground
  5. d)      Environment
  6. e)     Gotham News


  1. a) Capital: Figures accepted.
  2. b) Revenue: The Revenue rolling balance was within normal limits for the third quarter of the year.
  3. c) Recreation Ground: Reduction in pavilion insurance costs to £1,000. Other costs within normal limits for the third quarter of the year. The Pavilion refurbishment is in year two of a four year programme of improvements with the tennis pavilion completed. Ultimately, it is anticipated that, the pavilion maintenance and play equipment maintenance will become the financial responsibility of the Trustees of the Memorial Hall/Recreation Ground.
  4. d) Environment: The Environment rolling balance was within normal limits for the third quarter of the year. Plans afoot for re-establilshing vandalised fencing, litter bin and pruning.
  5. e) Gotham News: All advertisements altered to comply with copyright rules since a change in editorial team.


9/ Capital Requests to Date::

  1. a) Judicial Review Legal Fees                               £  10,000 (Recommendation from Planning Committee)
  2. b)      Village Pump                                        £    1,000
  3. c)      Railway Walk                                       £    1,000
  4. d)     Children’s  New Play Equipment      £       500
  5. e)     Pavilion Refurbishment                      £    1,000
  6. f)      Gotham Remembers                            £       500


J.P.Anderson reported, K.Mafham had agreed to work on the Judicial Review on a ‘no win, no fee basis’. Regarding the RBC  Core Strategy, he will charge a fee. Gotham would be to pay a proportionate share with Barton and Thrumpton.

PROPOSAL: That all Capital items be adopted. PROPOSED: J.M.F.Royce  SECONDED: J.P.Anderson  Vote: All in favour.


10/  Horizon Contract Review:

The 2015/16 contract shows a 3% increase. It was agreed to reduce the mowing frequency of The Square and Cemetery from fourteen to twelve cuts per season. August and September to be cut from two to one monthly cut. Regarding the Nottingham Road verge under the Village Sculpture, Horizon had quoted £12.50 per cut. Currently the cost of eight cuts per season is £160.  The Clerk would seek advice from the Chairman of the Environment Committee re plans to fill the verge with Spring bulbs which would prevent mowing up to April/May. (Decision pending).

M.J.Sheppard left the meeting at 9.00 p.m.

11/ New Revenue Budget Items:

  1. a)     Cemetery Gardening                            £       500
  2. b)     Cemetery Horizon Contract                 to be agreed.


Cemetery Gardening had been moved from the Environment budget to the Revenue budget at an annual cost of £500 to allow for additional plant supplies.

Horizon: An extra weed spray of the Cemetery front apron was required. Clerk had contacted Horizon for a price.

12/  Preliminary Budgets for 2015/16 (to date).

  1. Revenue Paper 2                                 £   30,047.07 (increased to £30,097.07)
  2. Environment Paper 3 £     3,971.93 (subject to adjustment)
  3. Recreation Ground Paper 4                 £     6,600.00


PROPOSAL: Acceptance of 2015/16 budgets with an original budget of £50 for printing ink to be continued on the Revenue Budget – £30, 097.07 .

The Environment Budget – to be accepted subject to a reduction in mowing sessions as agreed by J.M.F.Royce and the Clerk.

PROPOSED: J.M.F.Royce, SECONDED: J.P.Anderson  Vote: All in favour.

Capital items:

Boundary Signs: The Boundary Planter Budget of £1,500 to stay in place for future signage. Before his departure, M.J.Sheppard confirmed the British Gypsum boulders could not be used as Village entry signs due to the inability to find a site at The Ridgeway entrance due to the narrowness of the verge.

Cemetery: A draw down facility of £1,500 from the Capital budget for 2015/16.

Burial Fund: To comply with the wishes of St. Lawrence PCC, the burial fund only to be spent on Cemetery infrastructure, not maintenance.

SSSI:The SSSI facility fund of £4,500 could be reduced to £3,500 in accordance with the instructions of D.Power (treasurer of the SSSI – (now Gotham Nature Reserve).

Village Pump: The Village Pump is in need of re-decoration of the ceiling.

Railway Walk: Notts County Council had confirmed in writing it would be responsible for Railway Walk path re-stoning as the Railway Walk had been included on the NCC definitive map of footpaths.


13/  Any Other Financial Matters to Report: Nil.

14/ Date and Time of Next Meeting: To be announced.


Meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.