How to prevent our village sign being stolen again

How to prevent our village sign being stolen again

Following the theft of our village road sign, which was widely reported in the national press, a number of readers have contacted us with advice on how to avoid this happening in the future.  Here is a selection of your correspondence:

Hello, I think I can solve your problem for you. In Liverpool Beatles fans kept pinching the Penny Lane sign, and it was costing the council a lot of money. Eventually they got a very big, smooth rock, put it in the ground and painted PENNY LANE in white paint. It wasn’t attractive enough to get stolen, but it did the job of showing the street name. The same happened in Hucknall when Brookside was big on Channel 4. A street called Brookside kept having its sign pinched, so I rang them and suggested what they did in Liverpool. It would save you a lot of money and wouldn’t look unsightly – make the lettering clear enough to read from a distance, but not so beautiful that someone will want it. Also, a rock would be too heavy for Batman fans to take the trouble of trying to load it on a van. Hope this helps.

I was reading an article about how people were continuously stealing the sign for the village of Gotham. Have you considered selling plastic replicas of the sign at your city hall or community center, this way people will maybe stop nicking them and the city makes some extra funds.

Hello there I saw the news recently regarding your village sign being stolen. We are a manufacturer of metal signs based in the UK and we can easily reproduce your sign for you. This would stop the original being stolen and raise money for the village. I can arrange a sample for you if you would like. If you need any more information please let me know.

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