Gotham Post Office

As most of you know, I am due to retire this year.  We now have a final date and the Post Office and delivery office will close its doors finally on 12th September 2012.

We attempted to sell the business over a period of time but with the exception of one derisory offer, had little interest shown.  We’ve also tried, with Jane and Alan’s approval, to encourage Post Office Ltd to look at the local position and move the counter to the Spar shop, but so far to no avail.  However, this does not mean that the Post Offive is gone forever in Gotham and it may still go to the Spar shop in due course, though nothing is guaranteed.

In the time we have been at Gotham we have made many friends and maybe one or two enemies, seem children growing up, going to school, starting work, getting married and so on.  Unfortunately, I have also seen many older customers passing on but of course it’s all part of life.

When I first took over the Post Office in March 1992 I did not know what to expect, coming from a motor trade background and then as a technical trainer in the civil service, the job was a complete change of tack.  I knew that following in Len Hallam’s shoes would be a difficult task and the first couple of months were a bit daunting.  Learning the countless types of transactions, different postal applications and prices and still have to balance the books at the end of the day proved to be quite difficult especially as in the beginning there were no computers!

We were made so welcome by the people in the village that we soon settled in and made Gotham our home.  We intend to stay on in the premises and convert the shop into part of our home, so you haven’t got rid of us yet.  Sue will continue on her post round at least for the time being and I’m sure we will both be seen around the village and in local hostelries.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my customers and the postal staff over the past 20 years and 6 months for their custom and support.  Although I am looking forward to my retirement I will miss the banter and the many laughs I’ve had with my colleagues and customers.

John Birtles

Article reproduced from issue 69 of The Gotham News