Defibrillators in Gotham

At the coffee morning on the 26th October 2012 we had a visit from a team of professionals that gave a very interesting demonstration on what and how this valuable life saving equipment can do and how it does save lives. The AED is an Automated External Defibrillator; this piece of equipment is used to help restart the heart’s normal rhythm by passing an electric shock across the patient’s chest. Used alongside oxygen and in some cases medicines, this greatly increases the patient’s chances of a recovery.

NCT now has a defibrillator at the Gotham bus garage and starting in December driver Chris Nesbit based at Gotham will be trained as a Community First Responder and will be on call through EMAS to respond to emergency situation as and when required. The fact is that in the more rural and hard to reach areas of Nottinghamshire like Gotham the First responders have a much better chance of providing the immediate help needed prior to the arrival of an EMAS crew, through:

• Basic life support
• Use of a defibrillator
• Care of unconscious patient
• medical emergencies
• Minor Trauma

The defibrillator can be stored in a vandal proof metal cased box mounted in areas that are accessible to members of the public 24 hours a day. Should you require this equipment on phoning 999 the emergency services will know that this equipment is available for use and will give you the pin code over the phone to unlock it from the box. This code will then be changed every time it is used so that it stays safe ready for the next emergency. NCT are currently trying to raise funds for this storage box so that it can be mounted on the outside of the garage and will be covered by a cctv camera. The box cost in the region of £1,000 and this would be of great benefit to the community of Gotharn to help save lives in the village.