Countryside Trust

Countryside Trust

Some of you will know that seats have been installed near the Memorial Rose Garden outside the Memorial Hall.

The Countryside Trust donated the bench seat in the style of those on the Logan Trail, so that people can admire the roses or watch the sport. Once the Park project has been completed, we have plans for a sensory garden, which will probably also involve another seat!

Plans are progressing for a guide to the Logan Trail. Based on the local OS map, it will fold easily to fit pocket or bag.

We still hope to make the trail continuous one day, but this depends on a landowner who does not live in the village. For some reason, the village seems to be an attractive site for fly-tippers and the Logan Trail is not immune.

Please contact one of the members or 0115 914 8408 if you see any tipped waste.

As ever, thanks to those who let us know about fallen branches etc. We try to clear them as soon as possible and invite anyone interested in maintaining the trail to contact Clare North on 0115 9830167 or Kevin Thorpe on 0115 9748873.