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Parish Council response to the Core Strategy

Representations on the Submission Draft Core Strategy for Rushcliffe by Ken Mafham Associates, Town Planning Consultants on behalf of Barton in Fabis, Gotham and Thrumpton Parish Councils.

1. Introduction

1.1 It has been agreed that we may submit further representations by June 6th. We set out below our comments on most of the topics we are seeking to address and we have indicated items to follow.

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Save the Green Belt

This is how you can make a representation to Rushcliffe Borough Council about the Core Strategy.  Remember – every member of your household can respond and even visitors from outside Gotham can too.  This is your last chance to save the Green Belt and prevent Gotham becoming swallowed up by the City – make your voice heard now!

1. How to make a representation


2. Suggested points for representations


3. Letter pro-forma