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Presentation to Trevor Vennett-Smith (28/04/15)

Annual Parish Meeting
Tues. 28th April, Memorial Hall


(doors open 6.45 pm)


(there will be wine, soft drinks and snacks)


Retiring Borough Councillor

Trevor Vennett-Smith


school children from the three villages

on behalf of


and a toast to ‘a happy retirement’

followed at 7.45 pm


Gotham Annual Parish Meeting

Have your say on village matters


Dear All,
On entry into the Hall, you will be given a voucher for a ‘free drink’ ( for the toast) when presented at the bar in the Cheeserollers Lounge.
There will be display panels in the Hall, by various activities and organisations in the village to look around.
I’ve now sorted out the format, set out herewith.
Three Presentations will be made on the Stage.
There will be a photographer present to take pics of the three presenatations.
Chairs will be provided for all 10 participants please assemble on stage before 7.15)
7.15     Alan Kerr, – Vice Chairman – Barton Parish Council speaks (4 minutes) then children step forward and present. 
             Peter Inskeep, – Past Chairman  – Gotham Parish Council speaks (4 minutes) then children step forward and present.
             David Greenwood, – Chairman – Thrumpton Village Meeting speaks  (4 minutes) then children step forward and present.
            Trevor Vennett-Smith responds
7.40    Toast:-  Michael Sheppard, – ‘Happy and Healthy retirement’
7.45    Gotham Annual Parish Meeting (on the floor of the Hall) 
              Please see agenda enclosed.
I would appreciate your support on this important evening in our calendar the Annual Parish Meeting; to hear from members of our community, and what they have to say to us about things in and around our village; to hear reports from our Chairman of Planning John Anderson, our County Councillor Andrew Brown and  to hear his report and say farewell to our Borough Councillor Trevor Vennett-Smith. 
I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.          
Kind regards,

Think before you park!

Gotham Parish Council regularly receive complaints from residents about thoughtless, often illegal parking around the village.  Over recent months there has been an increase in comments about the parking around Gotham Primary School when parents (including Gotham residents) are dropping off and collecting their children.

This road is one of the main entrances to the village and even with the traffic calming measures in place, it is a dangerous area when visibility is hampered by parked cars.  Pedestrians trying to cross Kegworth Road cannot be seen in between parked cars and children especially, cannot see oncoming vehicles.

Unfortunately the Parish Council can do nothing more than refer the matter to the Police and once more the matter is raised with them.  If you wish to complain about parking matters please contact the local Police officer, Kelly Warwick.  But also think before you park.

Do you need to drive your children to School?  Why not walk instead?

Remember that if you park on the footway, or part of it, or block a dropped kerb, the Police can issue a fixed fine.

Parish Council response to the Core Strategy

Representations on the Submission Draft Core Strategy for Rushcliffe by Ken Mafham Associates, Town Planning Consultants on behalf of Barton in Fabis, Gotham and Thrumpton Parish Councils.

1. Introduction

1.1 It has been agreed that we may submit further representations by June 6th. We set out below our comments on most of the topics we are seeking to address and we have indicated items to follow.

Read More

Save the Green Belt

This is how you can make a representation to Rushcliffe Borough Council about the Core Strategy.  Remember – every member of your household can respond and even visitors from outside Gotham can too.  This is your last chance to save the Green Belt and prevent Gotham becoming swallowed up by the City – make your voice heard now!

1. How to make a representation


2. Suggested points for representations


3. Letter pro-forma