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Playgroup’s new home

Following the organised chaos that was the transition of the playgroup (30 children, play equipment, 20 chairs, and 5 tables) to our village school – lots of hard graft, cuppas and chocolate biscuits – we are finally in and have now settled brilliantly at our new venue. The staff at the school have made us feel very welcome and we are truly grateful for all the effort they have put in to make the area safe for our under 4’s to play happily together (especially the head teacher’s husband, Nick and Mick Litchfield for the excellent fencing).On behalf of the Playgroup, I would like to thank the Trustees of the Village Hall for allowing us to use the venue for over many years. Whilst we were happy at the Village Hall and are sad to have left a venue, we are positive that the move will benefit all. The children have coped with the change very well and it’s good for them to see part of ‘big school’ life in preparation for their personal challenge of starting Primary School when they leave us. It’s also a joy for us to be able to see them progress on to school and still be able to see them around from time to time. Being on one campus allows better continuity of care between playgroup staff/parents/teachers, as that child progresses through the educational system and should have the added benefit of making the school run simpler for parents!

All in all, the move has worked out well for all those involved and now we can get down to the serious business of learning through play and developing every child that attends our playgroup, giving them the confidence to progress with ease.

Debs Bexon