Apr 102014

The development proposals can be viewed online at:


Comments about the proposals can be left via the website or by email:




In addition, comments can also be made via a number of public exhibitions:

Thursday 24th April, Gotham Memorial Hall, 3pm – 7pm

Friday 25th April, Barton in Fabis Village Hall, 3pm – 7pm

Monday 28th April, Clifton Cornerstone, 3pm – 7pm

Mar 242014

Present:  J.P.Anderson (Chairman)    B.J.Walker,   M.J.Sheppard,  G.Clark,  E.Padden.

1/    Apologies:   E. Rodgers, (Vice-Chairman), K.Steed.

PROPOSED acceptance of apologies: G.Clark SECONDED: B.J.Walker. All in favour.

2/    Declaration of Interest:

M.J.Sheppard declared an interest in: 14/1: (ref: 14/00214/FUL)    Manor Barn, Moor Lane.

3/    Minutes of the Previous Meeting: 

RESOLVED:  That the Minutes of the Planning & Development Committee, held on the 21st January, 2014 as previously circulated, be confirmed and signed as a true record of the business transacted.

PROPOSED: M.J.Sheppard SECONDED: B.J.Walker. Vote: All in favour.

4/    Progress from the last Minutes, not on the Agenda: Nil.

5/   Progress re  Aligned Core Strategy/Clifton Pastures:

J.P.Anderson reported the three extra days of the Inquiry, in response to a legal opinion from the Home Builders Federation, had been held to deal with the housing numbers. Q.C’s had attended. K.Mafham had sent a report on the meeting which he considered ‘unusually complex’.

GPC awaiting Counsel’s legal opinion on the Aligned Core Strategy Hearings held in February, 2014.

K.Mafham and C.Raynor still working on the Freedom of Information over questions re meetings within the Government on housing numbers.

J.P.Anderson had met R.Mapletoft and was still pressing him for a response from RBC on the traffic model to allow GPC adequate time to consider and respond.

J.P.Anderson had queried the type of meeting held between RBC and Oxalis which was held in private without minutes.

7/    Planning Decisions Received:

13/16: (ref: 13/02092/FUL) 22 Curzon Street – Garden store building (retrospective plan) GRANTED

Clerk to register GPC’s disappointment and seek assurance that this type of structure does not set a precedent for unsightly buildings.

8/    Planning Applications Received:

14/1: (ref: 14/00214/FUL)           Manor Barn, Moor Lane – Use of former storage building for ancillary residential use to create a hobby, craft and games room; install new windows, roof lights and external landscaping.


PROPOSED: J.P. Anderson SECONDED: E.Padden. Vote: All in favour.

9/  Any Other Business:

M.J.Sheppard had received a letter from the Post Office confirming results of its recent consultation re Post Office services.

10/  Matters to Report:

The Clerk was asked to report the following faulty street lights:- Meadow End no. 3  The Square no. 5 and Moor Lane – 2a.

One hundred and fifty houses, extra to the already planned four hundred, to be built at East Leake on the land behind Manor Farm.

E.Padden reported the Spa shop had received a few complaints re the shelving layout.

11/  Date & Time of Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Planning and Development Committee will be held in the Weldon Room of the Memorial Hall on Tuesday, 18th March, 2014 at 7.30 p.m

Meeting closed at 8.20 p.m.