Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning & Development Committee (15/12/14)

Present:  J.P.Anderson (Chairman)     B.J.Walker,   M.J.Sheppard,     G.Hutter.

1/    Apologies:   E. Rodgers, K.Steed            Absent: G.Clark (Vice-Chairman)

PROPOSED: Acceptance of apologies: B.J. Walker SECONDED: J.P.Anderson. All in favour.

2/    Declaration of Interest: Nil.

3/    Minutes of the Previous Meeting: 

RESOLVED:  That the Minutes of the Planning & Development Committee, held on the 18th November, 2014 as previously circulated, be confirmed and signed as a true record of the business transacted with the following amendment: Item 5 – delete first line.

PROPOSED: M.J.Sheppard SECONDED: J.P.Anderson   Vote: All in favour.

4/    Progress from the last Minutes, not on the Agenda: Nil to report.

The Chairman asked that Agenda items 7 and 8 be discussed next.

7/ Planning Decisions Received:                

14/9: ref: 14/02080/FUL 3 Kegworth Road – Construct pavement crossing & off road vehicle standing GRANTED

8/ Planning Applications Received:          

14/15: (ref: 14/01406/HYBRID) Baden-Hardstaff – Partial redevelopment to create a Dual Fuel Technology International Centre of Excellence.


PROPOSED: J.P.Anderson   SECONDED: M.J.Sheppard. Vote: All in favour.

14/16: (ref: 14/02339/FUL) 3 Meadow End – Install decked roof terrace on existing flat roof to rear, safety fencing around the deck (1.2me high picket fence) alter window to glazed French door.

The owners of the neighbouring property had objected on the grounds of intrusion.


PROPOSED: J.P.Anderson   SECONDED: M.J.Sheppard. Vote: All in favour

Comments: Strong objection on the grounds of a blatant disregard of planning laws, lack of privacy for neighbours.

Architecturally out of keeping with the neighbouring property. GPC request immediate removal.

5/   Progress re  RBC Core Strategy/Aligned Core Strategy:

RBC Core Strategy: Inspector’s Report: J.P.Anderson reported, the Inspector had ruled the RBC Core Strategy ‘sound’. Section 119 Traffic – quoted the Highways Agency almost verbatim that the proposed development would not result in rat running through Gotham and Clifton. ‘Preliminary Modelling’ – What does this mean? No supportive documentation. i.e. Ignoring the problem. J.P.Anderson had applied to HA, under the Freedom of Information Act re Rex 36 – details of the preliminary traffic model to which the Inspector had referred. J.P.Anderson had also written to R.Mapletoft requesting more information on the Traffic Model. R. Mapletoft had replied that RBC do not have the Traffic Model document on file. A.Warrington (Head of Transport at Notts County Council Highways) had discussed Traffic problems and had promised to coordinate on responses to further transport assessments. The Highways Agency had placed a moratorium on the Traffic Model until February 2015 preventing the granting of planning permission to Oxalis.

K.Mafham has responded to the Inspector’s Report and may find a barrister in Cambridge to look at it with a view to a Judicial Review against the RBC Core Strategy. R.Turney, the barrister dealing with the Aligned Core Strategy Judicial Review is apparently too busy to work on the Rushcliffe Core Strategy. The next meeting of the Rushcliffe Borough Council is to be held on the 22nd December where the CS is likely to be adopted.  Borough Councillor T.Vennett-Smith and County Councillor A.Brown are unable to attend due to holiday/Christmas  commitments.

J.P.Anderson, M.J.Sheppard, J.Coles and K.Mafham had met with Councillors’ A.Graham (RBC Chief Executive) N.Clarke, (RBC Leader) D.Mitchell, (Executive Manager for Communities) and R.Butler (Head of Sustainability Committee). K.Mafham made his point that  RBC wait to adopt the Core Strategy until February, 2015 on the grounds that they never wanted a large amount of houses in the first instance. They should await the outcome of the Judicial Review on the Aligned Core Strategy when they might endeavour to reduce housing numbers. The RBC representatives were dismissive of this suggestion. Borough Council T.Vennett-Smith had advised postponing the Rushcliffe Borough Council meeting until the New Year when more interested parties were available to attend. Again he had met with refusal. The Council meeting on the 22nd December, 2014 would be available on podcast. The public were unable to speak during the meeting. In view of there being no Councillor to represent GPC, Barton and Thrumpton, J.Coles of Barton P.C. might submit a petition at the Council meeting as this would mean he would get heard. In view of the fact that our letters, objections, etc to the Core Strategy have been ignored so far, J.P.Anderson was in favour of a petition but preferred an approach of writing to each councillor before the meeting. County Councillor A.Brown had warned that there might be insufficient time to mount a petition in time for the meeting..

Councillor D.Mitchell had reported ‘it is in the best interests of all Rushcliffe residents that this (Core Strategy) be adopted at the earliest opportunity. J.P.Anderson had retorted to D.Mitchell, that ‘this is an untrue statement as we certainly do not believe that. Does this reveal your council’s underlying attitude to local democracy’?

9/  Any Other Business:

M.J.Sheppard had been approached by T.Coles for advice re the closure of the British Legion. He was asked to write to the branch offering Parish Council’s assistance, which he has done. He has asked Ted Coles for sight of a copy of the original Deed of Conveyance by the former Earl Howe sold to the British Legion. M.J.Sheppard would contact Earl Howe’s agent to inform him of the closure. A letter of support for the RBL would be sent from GPC.

10/  Matters to Report:

Woodlands Bungalow, Kegworth Road: The Clerk reported a message from Mr. Baugh, RBC Planning Enforcement Officer, re the need for a retrospective planning application for recently constructed stables.

Jubilee Park: M.J.Sheppard has held preliminary discussions with A.Gorringe of St. Gobain re the B G land at the back of the British Legion, which would make an ideal Jubilee Park. Further discussions would take place before the St Gobain Board and Gotham Parish council are informed.

11/  Date & Time of Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Planning and Development Committee will be held in the Weldon Room of the Memorial Hall on Tuesday, 20th January, 2015 at 7.30 p.m. J.P.Anderson tendered his apologies.

Meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.

Minutes of a Meeting of the Environment Committee (18/11/14)

Members present: C. Dabell, G, Clark, G. Hutter, K. Steed, M. Sheppard

(Meeting commenced at 8 pm)

1)  Apologies:  G. Holbrook.

2)  Acceptance of Apologies:

PROPOSED: G. Clark    SECONDED: G. Hutter.

3)  Declaration of Interest:  Nil.

4)  Minutes of Previous Meeting:  Discussion of minutes of two previous meetings revealed uncertainty of dates as to which meeting minutes applied to.

5)  Progress arising:   It was agreed to work to this meeting agenda,

PROPOSED: C . Dabell   SECONDED: G.Clark  All in favour.

6)  Christmas tree arrangements, lights etc:  C. Dabell confirmed that this year’s Christmas tree had been generously donated by a member of our community, who wished to remain anonymous. Agreed to arrange delivery to Arthur Howick early week commencing 24th November. Then the tree will be put in position during that week. The six members of the Env. Comm. will meet and put the lights on the tree on Sunday 30th November at 9.30 am.

This year, there would be lights around the pelmet of the Pump, kindly donated by Mr & Mrs G. Holbrook.

7)  Donations and costs: M. Sheppard reported that he had agreed to pay the band £5 each more this year. He would discuss with Jack Griffin a payment for the use of his amplification system, an essential for this year’s performance by the school choir. The Sun Inn have generously agreed to provide the surprise gifts for the children this year. The Cuckoo Bush Inn donated £50. The Coffee Shop organised a raffle and donated the proceeds of £51. 50 to the carol sing-song. C. Dabell reported that Mr J. Pinder and the Gotham Garden Club have each donated £30 and M. Sheppard has received anonymous cash gifts of £30.

Acknowledgement and thanks will be printed on the front of the carol sheet.

The committee has searched the net for a star to top the tree, sadly without success, as all stars have flashing attachments which couldn’t be removed; it was decided the flashing would be a distraction to passing motorists. G. Clark suggested making a metal frame around which LED lights could be entwined. C. Dabell will contact Arthur Howick about this, as he has arranged to get one made, when we supply a cardboard template.

8)   Bulb planting:  C. Dabell and G.Holbrook have completed crocus planting round Sculpture, daffodil planting will be completed shortly.

9)  Railway Walk replacement fence:  Two quotes already received. Great difference in price, possibly due to different timber. It was agreed to issue a tighter specification and get all three quotes for same spec.

10)  Litter bin on Cheese Hill: The committee examined catalogue supplied by Judy Raven, and preferred £195 version, as it was similar to others in the village.

11)  Matters to report:  K. Steed reported large puddle collecting on the Ridgeway on right hand side of road leaving Gotham opposite house no: 319; gulleys and ditch require clearing. C. Dabell reported the street light (no number) at the junction of Hill Road /Leake Road is not working; it has been reported previously.

12)  A O B: Nil

13)  Date / time next meeting:  To be agreed, as 16/12/2014 clashes with Carol sing-song.