Sign up to Nottinghamshire Alert

slide-07Nottinghamshire Alert is a messaging system that allows Nottinghamshire Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other public organisations to distribute messages concerning community safety to members of the public quickly and efficiently.

It is a web-based secure system that allows authorised administrators, including Neighbourhood Policing Teams and Crime Reduction Managers, to log in and send messages to registered members. Alerts are predominantly sent by email, but you can change your preferences when you register to receive Alerts by text or voicemail.

The purpose of the system is to keep you, the people who live and work in Nottinghamshire and particularly Neighbourhood Watch members, informed about crime in your area and enable you to have a say and influence local policing. It also enables members of Neighbourhood Watch to share information quickly and effectively and allows scheme coordinators to identify areas across the county where people may be interested in starting new Neighbourhood Watch schemes, hopefully leading to an increase in the number of schemes in the area.

The system is designed to ensure registered users can choose what information they receive, how often, who from and in a format they want.

Organisations who can use the system to send Alerts to registered users include Nottinghamshire Police and Neighbourhood Watch. They cannot automatically see users’ details or send them information. Users must give specific permission in order for them to be able to see users’ details and send them Alerts. Users can also withdraw this permission instantly and prioritise the messages they receive.