Gotham Scout Group’s Gold DofE Award holders

scoutsTwo of our network/explorers Ben Anderson and Charlie Howick went to London on Wednesday 25th of September to received the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. They are two out of around 200 people to get this award this year. They received their awards in a lavish ceremony at St James’ Palace. They were presented their awards by Bryony Balen who is the youngest person to ski to the South Pole and HRH The Earl of Wessix (Prince Edward). This is a great achievement and we are enormously proud of them both.

Gotham Scout Group

Minutes of the Meeting of Gotham Parish Council (03/09/13)

Held in the Memorial Hall Weldon Room at 7.00 P.M.

Present R.Muir (Chairman) (7.30 p.m.)  M.J.Sheppard, (Vice-Chairman), J.M.F.Royce,  R.Davis,  G.Clark,  B.J.Walker,   D.Bexon,    E.Padden, J.P.Anderson. K. Steed, E.Rodgers.

Due to the Chairman being delayed, the Vice-Chairman, M.J.Sheppard took the Chair.

13/119: Apologies: C.Dabell  In Attendance: Notts County Councillor, A.Brown. (7.40 p.m.)

13/120: Acceptance of Apologies:

PROPOSED: J.P.Anderson  SECONDED: G.Clark Vote: All in favour.

13/121: Declaration of Interest:

Trustees, M.J.Sheppard,  D.Bexon, G.Clark in matters relevant to the Memorial Hall/Recreation Ground.

13/122: Minutes of the previous meeting:

Resolved: That the previously circulated Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 30th July, 2013, be accepted as a true record of the business transacted, with the following amendments:

13/113: Village Sculpture/Unveiling Ceremony: alter ‘Derbyshire’ to ‘Warwickshire’.

13/116: Matters to Report: 6th line beginning at second sentence. Reword to read: ‘R.Davis extended his apologies for not giving T.Vennett-Smith a copy of his Gotham News article prior to publication’.

PROPOSAL: G.Clark  SECONDED: M.J.Sheppard  Vote: All in favour.

R.Muir arrived at the meeting at 7.30 p.m. and took the Chair.

Progress from the Minutes: Nil to report.

13/123: Casual Vacancy:

Following the resignation of Councillor T.Vennett-Smith, a Casual Vacancy Notice had been published on the Public Notice Board for fourteen days. An email from the Electoral Officer had confirmed that no applicant had requested an election to fill the vacancy. The Council could, therefore, co-opt a new Councillor. R. Muir would approach an interested parishioner who attended the Village Meeting.

The Council had sent a letter to T.Vennett-Smith regretfully accepting his resignation from the Council after thirty years of loyal service. A message from T.Vennett-Smith had been received recording his thanks to those Councillors who had taken the trouble to express their thanks and regret that he had felt it time to resign. He especially mentioned Councillor Padden. As a Borough Councillor, T.Vennett-Smith was still an ex-officio member of GPC and eligible to attend meetings. He would continue to receive Minutes and Agendas and, in the light of the amended Core Strategy, would represent GPC at  Consultation Meetings, etc.

PROPOSAL: A gift valued at £100 to be purchased for T.Vennett-Smith in recognition of his long service to Gotham Parish Council.


PROPOSED: Amendment:  A gift valued at £50 to be purchased for T.Vennett-Smith in recognition of his long service to Gotham Parish Council.

PROPOSED: E.Padden SECONDED: R.Muir. Vote in favour of amendment: eight in favour, three against.

Vote in favour of the amended proposal to purchase a gift for T.Vennett-Smith valued at £50: Nine in favour, one against, one abstention.

13/124 : Finance Monthly Payments and Receipts:

Receipts and Payments: RESOLVED: That the receipts, since the last meeting, are noted and the Accounts in Appendix F1 be confirmed and authorised for payment.

The Clerk explained, the 2012/13 repayment of VAT was £411.93 short due HMRC’s clerical error. This would be rectified by HMRC within ten days.

PROPOSED: J.M.F.Royce SECONDED: E.Padden. Vote: All in favour.

Notts County Councillor, A.Brown arrived at the meeting at 7.40 p.m.

13/125: Village Sculpture/Unveiling Ceremony: (29th September, 2013 at 2.p.m.)

M.J.Sheppard reported the following progress:

Meeting with Unveiling Ceremony sub committee members had taken place. The tales re-enactment rehearsals were progressing under the direction of Ben Anderson.

Earl Howe had altered travel arrangements to allow him to unveil the sculpture. He would be received at Gotham Manor.

Eighty two V.I.P guests would be invited to a pre-unveiling buffet reception at the Memorial Hall at 12 noon. Entrance on receipt of personal invitation.

Posters designed by M.J.Sheppard would be posted in surrounding villages.

PROPOSAL: The ‘No Horse riding’ signage on the Railway Walk would be removed during the procession to allow King John to lead the way on horseback, accompanied by a Standard Bearer and four foot soldiers.

PROPOSED: E.Padden  SECONDED: G.Clark Vote: All in favour.

The Clerk had ordered removal of the broken picnic benches and asked three contractors to tender for pruning along the Railway Walk prior to the 29th September.

Mr. Goode of Notts Highways had suggested one line of Leake Road could be coned off, with two traffic wardens in attendance, during the unveiling ceremony.

The Clerk had asked D.Healey to repaint the village seat at the site of the Sculpture.

A Heritage Board should be in place detailing the history of the Village Tales.

R.Muir confirmed a photographer had been booked at a cost of £50.

R. Muir would supply a temporary board detailing the Sculpture’s Tales (Cost £155) until a permanent board could be manufactured. F.Lunn had quoted £800 for a Blade style metal board with artwork by D.Charlesworth (Cost £155). For further discussion.

R.Muir invited J.M.F.Royce to attend future meetings of the Unveiling Ceremony sub committee.

13/126: Finance:               

a) NALC Salary Award for Clerk 2013:       (deferred until the October main meeting)

b) Sculpture Additional Funding for Unveiling Ceremony £2,090:

PROPOSAL: The figure on the agenda of £2,090 only included 10% contingency on the estimated costs of £1,900. It was agreed, that a further 10%, i.e. £190, be added to provide a total budget of £2,280 for the unveiling ceremony. PROPOSED: J.M.F.Royce

SECONDED: G.Clark  Vote: ten in favour, one abstention.

c) Letter to Notts County  Councillor A.Brown re (Sculpture funding)

An application would be made to Notts County Councillor, A.Brown for funds towards the Village Sculpture Unveiling Ceremony.

d) NCC Local Improvement Scheme Application Form (closure date 27/9/13)

An application would be made for funding towards the Village Sculpture. (To be countersigned by NCC A.Brown).

e) Car Park/drains tenders  – funding (?)

J.P.Anderson had received three quotations for work to the Memorial Hall Car Park.

PROPOSAL: That GPC accept the quotation from C.Bowers for £33,000 to carry out the work to resurface the Memorial Hall Car Park, subject to normal checks and satisfactory contract, as verified by J.Jones, surveyor.

PROPOSED: J.P.Anderson SECONDED: M.J.Sheppard. Vote: All in favour.                   

13/127: Report by Chairman of Planning and Development Committee: (Chairman J.P.Anderson)

J.P.Anderson reported over three hundred village submissions to the RBC Core Strategy had been forwarded to RBC. GPC now await the 3D assessment of the lines of sight to foresee the impact of a large development of housing and industrial units on the Clifton Pastures and alongside the A453. Gedling, Broxtowe and Nottingham City had now set their agenda for their Core Strategy. Should they be successful in their economic aspirations, it would mean housing on the Clifton Pastures was inevitable. The RBC amended Core Strategy would go to Committee which J.P.Anderson would attend.

Traffic Count: Thanks recorded to D.Prior for his excellent production of the Traffic Survey document. NCC had approved the installation of traffic lights on Kegworth Road which would, hopefully, prevent heavy traffic and rat runners through the village.

J.P.Anderson, M.J.Sheppard and B.J.Walker would attend a meeting at British Gypsum on the 19th September, re general plans for estate management on British Gypsum land.

13/129: Planning Decisions Received: Nil.

13/128: Planning Applications Received:                 (deferred until the Planning Meeting on the 17th September, 2013)

13/9   (ref:13/01521/FUL) 9 Chadborn Avenue – Single storey rear extension (infill)

13/11 (ref: 13/01572/FUL) 1 St Andrew Close – Single storey front, side and rear extension.

13/12  (ref: 13/01686/OUT)  Land to East of Oaklands, Eyres Lane – Single detached dwelling.               (Councillors could view this site prior to the planning meeting on the 17th September, 2013)

13/130: (ref: 13/01519/VAR) Cuckoo Bush Farm, Wood Lane – Remove condition 2 of planning permission ref: G1/87/00512/P (Agricultural occupancy)


PROPOSED: J.P.Anderson  SECONDED: J.M.F.Royce  Vote: All in favour.

Reason for objection: The Agricultural occupancy condition was appropriately imposed in 1987. This removes the argument for the Trustees and no market case is made for agricultural use. Therefore, no case has been made. We believe the application to be unworthy of a MRICS and disrespectful of RBC, Gotham Parish Council and the planning process.

13/131: Environmental Matters:

B.J.Walker had recently encountered difficulty in contacting the Chairman, C.Dabell.

Cemetery: J.P.Anderson reported pruning and tidying work to be undertaken by Mr.and Mrs. Hands. G.Neill was in the process of repainting the front railings and general maintenance.

13/132: Memorial Hall Report from GPC representatives: Nil to report.

13/133: Policing Matters/Vandalism:

E.Rodgers reported one crime of an overnight theft of children’s play equipment from a garden in Gotham.

13/134: Gotham News & Media:  

Editorial Team: M.J.Sheppard, R.Muir, K.Steed and D.Bexon. Next edition would contain details of the Sculpture Unveiling Ceremony with timetable of events.

13/135: Chairman’s Report:         

The Chairman announced her intention to retire from the post of Chairman in October, 2013. She was in the process of opening a new business and had found the position of Chairman arduous in the light of her unhappy relationship with another Councillor. She asked Council to consider the appointment of a future Chairman.

R.Muir explained, that while she remained on the Council, she was happy to continue putting the Gotham News together. She also reminded Council, that when she joined the editorial team for the production of Gotham News, she and her partner, Colin Howe, (Colbeck Photography Ltd) started completely afresh and redesigned the advertisements and banner heading. R Muir stated that copyright of the artwork created was owned by Colbeck Photography Ltd and was undertaken, free of charge.  She further stated, that if she left the Council and it wished her to continue with its production, she would need to charge a minimum of £200 per edition to cover her loss of earnings. She reminded Council that she joined the Gotham News editorial team due to a desire that a serving Councillor, attending meetings on a regular basis, could offer insight into the Council’s newsletter.

B.J.Walker congratulated R.Muir on her excellent input into Gotham News which had seen a huge improvement since her appointment to the editorial team.

13/136: Clerk’s report:

The Clerk had received a thank you card from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for GPC’s letter of congratulation following the birth of Prince George on the 22nd July, 2013.

NALC AGM on the 13th November, 2013 at Epperstone Village Hall. B.J.Walker would attend  if possible.

The Clerk had responded to a parishioner’s request for removal  of advertising on the Village Pump by asking the advertiser to remove his banner. The advertisement had since been removed.

13/137: Matters to Report:

K.Steed reported lack of readable signage to houses along the Ridgeway. The Clerk would ask NCC Highways for improved directions on Leake Road to houses along The Ridgeway.

E.Rodgers reported ongoing difficulty with double parking on Wodehouse Avenue. The refuse lorry is regularly obstructed.

M.J.Sheppard hoped all Councillors and partners would attend the Sculpture Unveiling Ceremony. He reminded Council, that no children would be admitted to the buffet reception.

13/138: Items for Next Agenda. Casual Vacancy, Clerk’s Salary Award.

13/139: Date of Next Meeting: The next  meeting would be held on the 1st October, 2013.    Meeting concluded at  9.40 pm.

Saturday Night Live

1384307_342721235871688_808815376_nBlue Hen Productions Presents

Saturday 9th November at

Gotham Memorial Hall

Saturday Night Live

Tickets £6 (available from the Spar shop)

Compere: Jack Griffin

Guest Comedian: Gavin Prime

Guest Acts: Kyle Minogue and Cheryl Cole Tribute Act