The Village Sculpture Unveiling

The Village Sculpture
unveiling by
The Rt. Hon. Earl Howe PC
Sunday 29th September at 2.00pm
from the British Legion Corner

Village Sculpture2pm – Welcome and unveiling

2.15pm – King John arrives on horse back with
Washington Irving to inspect possible land site for his
magnificent hunting lodge.

2.30pm – King John rides down the Brick Yard to find
Cheese being rolled down the hill and pigs being dropped
down a well!!!!

2.45pm – King John rides on to the Railway walk to find a
very fast hare taking the rent to Nottingham and can not
catch him on horseback.

3.00pm – King John see’s villagers in the school
playground being taught how to drown an eel and rake the
moon from the pond!!!!!

3.30pm – King John has had enough and heads off to the
local hostelries for a drink near the village pump to find
the locals trying to fence a cuckoo in and two villagers
desperately trying to collect water with a bucket with holes.

3.50pm – He turn’s around to escape and finds the local
egg man expecting people to read his mind!

4.00pm – The Morris Men Dancers arrive to finish the
days activities.

Click on the sculpture to read Gotham News Issue 74 which includes even more information about this historic day.

Artwork by kind permission from Don Charlesworth ©