Gotham Art Club

We are pleased to report that the Gotham Art Club is once again flourishing, but we would still welcome new members.  We try to have a varied programme, we mainly use water colours but this year we have done Drawing, Pen and Wash and Pastels, had an outside session in the Church yard plus a wide selection of topics.  We held our first exhibition at the Diamond Jubilee which was a great success, all members contributed and were delighted at how good their pictures looked.

On 25th February we welcome well known artist Tim Fisher again.  He will be doing a water colour demonstration.  Previously he did a pastel demonstration which was fascinating to watch.  We hope to do a couple of day workshops in 2013 – watch this space – all welcome to join us.

For more information please contact Anne Howick on 0115 983 0606.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning & Development Committee 30th October 2012


Present:  J.P.Anderson (Chairman) E. Rodgers, (Vice-Chairman) B.J.Walker, E.Padden, G.Clark, M.J.Sheppard, R.Muir.

1/    Apologies:, T.Vennett-Smith.     In attendance: K.Steed

2/    Acceptance of Apologies:

PROPOSED: R.Muir, SECONDED: B.J.Walker    All in favour.

3/    Declaration of Interest:

R.Muir and G.Clark in planning application: 12/12 (ref: 12/01127/COU) 17 Moor Lane.

K.Steed in planning application: 12/14 (ref: 12/01663/FUL) 309 Leake Road.

4/    Minutes of the Previous Meeting:

RESOLVED:  That the Minutes of the Planning & Development Committee, held on the 18th September, 2012, as previously circulated, be confirmed and signed as a true record of the business transacted.

PROPOSED: B. J. Walker   SECONDED: G.Clark. Vote: All in favour.

5/    Progress from the last Minutes, not on the Agenda: Nil to Report.

6/    Planning Decisions Received: Nil.

7/    Planning Applications Received:

R.Muir left the meeting at 6.35 p.m.

12/12 (ref: 12/01127/COU) 17 Moor Lane – Conversion of garage to a dog grooming parlour.


PROPOSED: M.J. Sheppard   SECONDED: E.Rodgers   Vote: All in favour.

R.Muir returned to the meeting at 6.45 p.m.

12/13 (ref: 12/01666/FUL)  97 Nottingham Rd – Use part of premises for sale and display of upholstery                                                                                                                    products and for assembly of furniture.


PROPOSED: R.Muir   SECONDED:  M.J. Sheppard   Vote: All in favour.

12/14 (ref:   12/01663/FUL) 309 Leake Road – Single storey rear extension; first floor front extension: Demolish                                                                                                            side extension.


PROPOSED: R.Muir   SECONDED:  M.J. Sheppard   Vote: All in favour.

12/15 (ref:  12/01787/FUL)  2 Pygall Ave. – Side Extension   


PROPOSED: R.Muir   SECONDED:  E.Rodgers   Vote: All in favour.

The Chairman welcomed East Leake Councillors, C.Oatey and C.Thomas who arrived at the meeting at 7.p.m.

8/    Neighbourhood Plan For East Leake

PROPOSAL: Suspension of Standing Orders.

PROPOSED: R.Muir SECONDED:  M.J. Sheppard   Vote: All in favour.

C.Oatey explained the decision of East Leake Parish Council to produce a Neighbourhood Plan to give some clout to the villages aims and desires for its future. Recently, the Council has received an unprecedented amount of large scale planning applications which might be due to the Local Plan having not yet been adopted causing Developers to believe they have a better chance of getting planning applications passed beforehand.

If the Neighbourhood Plan has gone through the due process and passed a referendum, its content will be taken into account (as part of the 2011 Localism Agenda). It is bound to be adopted by RBC.

Features of the Plan to be recognised are:

Design Principles – draw up a preliminary project plan.

Housing and employment opportunities.

Village Boundary to be as the Civil Plan.

To date, there are precious few guidelines to assist in the drawing up of a Neighbourhood Plan as the Government has recently relaxed planning rules and there is no fixed template.

No specific building sites identified but ideas in principle for future plans to be judged against. (Similar to the Parish Plan drawn up in 2004).

Preservation of the surrounding hillsides and keeping desirable views intact.

It is felt that East Leake is a hub village for surrounding smaller villages so it was important to include those adjacent villages in discussions.

Another group is drawing up a Community Plan which has no statutory power but, as an exercise only and concerned with the functions of the village.

The Neighbourhood Plan is financed by the Parish Council but RBC might also help fund as a referendum is costly.

East Leake Parish Council would value any information regarding infrastructure that would help Gotham and try to evolve the village centre away from the look of a large car park! C.Oatey would write an article for Gotham News giving contact details of East Leake Parish Council and its Clerk would be happy to accept comments and ideas from Gotham parishioners.

The Chairman thanked C.Oatey and C.Thomas for their attendance and they left the meeting at 7.20 p.m.

PROPOSAL: Re-instatement of Standing Orders.

PROPOSED: E.Rodgers  SECONDED: R. Muir. Vote: All in favour.

9/    Green Belt Issues:

The Chairman reported Planning Consultant, Ken Mafham, had continued his research into other Counties Examinations in Public or adopted Core Strategies. There are a number of common themes. The starting point at the Public Examination is that the Strategy is sound unless shown to be otherwise.  There is a general willingness to let local planning authorities attempt to achieve high housing numbers, even if current market conditions are not good. This is the Government’s perception that building is a key component in getting the country out of recession and will be accepted by Inspectors. The Regional Plan for the East Midlands is still a danger as it is the source of all the big housing numbers. In the case of Greater Nottingham, the Regional Plan in turn took them from the last Governments Growth Point Initiative which bypassed the main stream planning system and involved negligible public participation. K.Mafham hopes that by the time the Public Examination takes place, the Regional Plan will have been revoked. He is planning to contact the relevant officials in the department for more information.

The Chairman suggested the need for a meeting of K.Mafham and the original Steering Group in February, 2013.

10/    Affordable Housing in Gotham:

J.P.Anderson and M.J.Sheppard met Notts County Council representative, Paul Ghatiora earlier today to view several sites suitable for affordable housing. British Gypsum is drawing up a concept plan on a suitable site. Four other sites, identified by Midland Homes, had not been offered for sale by their owners. P. Ghatiora would submit a report to GPC on his findings. Building would take up to eighteen months which would see the end of  the current affordable housing scheme.  Planning applications and traffic surveys need to be completed. J.P.Anderson urged other Parish Councillors to view affordable houses in other parishes, such as Cropwell Bishop.

11/   NET update at Barton on the 8th November, 2012)

Meeting postponed until the end of November. Discussions include tree planting and lighting, etc.

12 /  Matters to Report:

J.P.Anderson reported that Barton Lane was due to close in January, 2013 and never be re-opened.

PROPOSAL: Letter of objection to the closure of Barton Lane to be sent to The Highways Agency urging them to retain an access road open for as long as possible.

PROPOSED: J.P.Anderson SECONDED: B.J.Walker  Vote: All in favour.

J.M.F.Royce arrived at the meeting at 7.50 p.m.

Large amount of building waste fly tipped on Hill Road had been removed.

A letter had been received from NCC regarding verge improvements on Nottingham Road. The Commercial Access to the Garage and private house next door – no immediate action to improve the verges but the householder/business holder would be entitled to a private representation with NCC for further discussion. The scheme might meet approval for the next round of Local Improvement Scheme grant funding.

13/ Date & Time of Next Meeting: The next meeting would be held in the Weldon Room of the Memorial Hall on Tuesday, 20th November, 2012 at 7.30 p.m.

Meeting closed at 8.00 p.m.